23.5 Degrees: Mission Starchild

23.5 Degrees: Mission Starchild

A Call to Action from the Alien Underground

By Lloyd Pye September 05, 2009

The reason they let me get this far with the Starchild is that they never once believed I could pull it off.
© Lloyd Pye

We are now at the frontline in a battle playing out between Us and Them. We want to see the Starchild case regarding a possible alien presence on Earth resolved definitively, conclusively. They want it swept away and "disappeared" like a political opponent in a third-world banana republic. We are engaged in a serious battle, so we must take our responsibility seriously.

I've managed this effort for over ten years, asking for a lot of help in the first few years but nothing serious since late 2002, when I received financing for the Starchild's DNA testing with primers. Now I finally have to ask each of you to spend less than $20 and a couple hours of your time because I simply can't get us over the final hurdle without your help because They are now working against me.

I don't know who it is, exactly, but I know what they've done. Last year at this exact time, you will recall, I had a deal in place to pay for the final DNA test and to film a documentary about it. First, the BBC in England, then several other TV networks in Europe and America signed on, only to later drop off. Each of them would be excited at first and all systems seemed "go," then something would happen to scotch the deal at every place we tried. I kept blaming the failing economy... but now I think I might have underestimated the situation.

In June a major miracle occurred. The Daily Mail, England's largest newspaper (3 million sold and read by 6 million every day) asked to do a major two-page spread on the Starchild while I was there lecturing. This was as big as home runs get, so I was elated! But then, on the scheduled day for publication, the fully researched, fully written, ready-to-print story was suddenly spiked ! Out of nowhere!!! Someone forced it to be pulled at the last second with no explanation to me or to the writer. Just POOF! Gone! And to this day I still have not heard a word of explanation or apology from the Daily Mail. So it's clear someone got to them. But who?!

I don't know, really, and being specific isn't necessary. Let me just repeat that the game has turned serious now, and we have to play our side of it accordingly. I can tell you that I think the reason “They” let me get this far with the Starchild is that they never once believed I could pull it off. They knew I had no way to produce the Starchild's genome to compare it to a normal human. In 1999, when I started, that wasn't even a glimmer on anyone's horizon. Now it's a reality and they know what can be done with the 454 Life Science technology. Now my job is to make YOU understand what WE, working together, can do with the new power we have.

It isn’t possible in this update to cover all the ground you need to understand, but I can provide a shortcut to the absolute heart of it. I have specifically compiled the totality of evidence into the new eBook about it, Starchild Skull Essentials. I wrote it specifically so all of YOU could have everything of importance bundled together in a tight little package that any of you can absorb in one go. It takes about an hour to read it and when you finish you will be a fully functional advocate for it. You will be able to explain to anyone why the Starchild really is a human-alien hybrid, and why all we need is ONE MORE DNA TEST to prove that beyond anything any skeptic can say to contest it. If you will help me move things to that point, WE WILL WIN THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. I guarantee that, absolutely.

The help I need is that once you read it, then you must contact your friends and acquaintances who might be open to something as earthshaking as the Starchild could be. You must spread the word about it to the UFO-alien based blogs that you frequent. You must spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t possibly cover all those bases alone. YOU are the shocktroops in this battle for Ultimate Truth. With your sustained and coordinated help, this incredible event can happen. We will ultimately find the "Deep Pockets" out there that we have to locate to fund what needs to be done. But when we do that, we actually can prove beyond doubt that the Starchild is what I keep saying it is. That is the purpose of the new eBook, to be a WEAPON in the hands of all of us, a FORCE that will allow us to TURN THE TIDE OF HISTORY.

Please go here and get it if you possibly can. READ IT! This will enable you to understand and discuss the reasons the Starchild is so special. If you actually care about the outcome of this ten-year battle, then help me WIN IT NOW! We can do that and we will do it, but only working together, working as one, pulling the oars in the same direction.

I'm not good at pep talks, obviously, but I don't know how else to say these things to you except straight out and direct. I need your help, I want your help, and I'm asking for your help.

Collectively we can knock this thing smack dab into the history books. I urge you as strongly as I
can to help me make that happen.


Lloyd Pye

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Last I heard, the DNA testing indicated that the boy's parents were human and the skull is about 900 years old. The boy probably was hydrocephalic, brachycephalic, or had progeria. (There might be more maladies suggested).

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