Intelligence is noty separate from LOVE

Modern education, in developing the intellect, offers more and more theories and facts, without bringing about the understanding of the total process of human existence. We are highly intellectual; we have developed cunning minds, and are caught up in explanations. The intellect is satisfied with theories and explanations, but intelligence is not; and for the understanding of the total process of existence, there must be an integration of the mind and heart in action. Intelligence is not separate from love. For most of us, to accomplish this integration is extremely arduous. We know how to meditate, how to play the piano, how to write, but we have no knowledge of the meditator, the player, the writer. We are not creators, for we have filled our hearts and minds with knowledge, information and arrogance; we are full of quotations from what others have thought or said. But experiencing comes first, not the way of experiencing. There must be love before there can be the expression of love. Your thoughts please ...
Two thoughts: all creation springs from experience and reading. Writers read to write.
Love hasn't the least connection to intelligence. Most of us love best what we loved first. Some girl or guy often now deep in the thickets of memory who for some reason - time or disposition or place - burrowed quickly into our heart.

Again we have cheated ourselves in striving for perfection rather than enjoying the simple gifts of living.
tamarin :
Two thoughts: all creation springs from experience and reading. __________________________________________________ _

What you are saying tamarin is that your were created by being "read"out? It must have bin quite an "experience". Nope tamarin , I'm sure you have answered a wrong post.
China, I've given you a succint response to your usually florid post.
Good morning, intelligence and love are inseparable in the higher form, one is the truest reflection of the other, they enjoy no substantial separate sucess.

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