BP settles lawsuit for more than $1 billion. Or about six days worth of profits

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) Businesses and individuals who claim BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cost them money have been paid more than $1 billion through the company's class-action settlement with a team of private plaintiffs' attorneys, court-supervised claims administrator Patrick Juneau said.

Juneau said the payments reached the $1 billion mark before the end of 2012. He also said 95 percent of claimants who were offered payments decided to accept them.

"I feel this high rate of acceptance reflects the fairness of the settlement amounts as well as the fairness of the claims process," Juneau said in a statement.


BP Class-Action Settlement Exceeds $1 Billion In Payments Over Gulf Oil Spill
A Billion eh?

That'll buy a lot of Bubba Gump Restaurant franchises.

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