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I cant get a tattoo because my body is a temple.

A temple of doom!!!!
Jesus Loves tat on girl, 12, ‘bad parenting’
By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun
First posted: Thursday, August 31, 2017 03:40 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, August 31, 2017 03:44 PM EDT
A tantalizing tattoo has led to a Georgia mother and her pal being arrested for inking her 12-year-old daughter with the words “Jesus Loves.”
Cops say the homemade tat was spotted by a pair of Grade 5 teachers at the girl’s school when she wore a strapless dress at a school dance.
The offending tattoo was described as: “bluish green with Jesus written above the cross and loves written below,” WTVM reports.
So the teachers called police.
Her mother, Emma Nolan, 35, and wannabe tattoo artist Brenda Gaddy, were charged with tattooing the body of a person under age 18.
Apparently, the girl said her dad was keen she pushed the Lord’s message via an inking. He said, nope, the kid wanted the tattoo.
Nolan told officers her now tattooed daughter doesn’t see her dad.
But tattoo Toulouse Gaddy said the mother gave her the greenlight.
“Each of the parents had a different story and it boiled down to, frankly, just finger pointing,” Lt. Jason Fetner, of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, told WLTX.
In addition, Gaddy tattooed “a number of minors” at the party, Fetner said.
Wannabe tattoo artist Brenda Gaddy (left) and mother Emma Nolan, 35, were charged with tattooing the body of a person under age 18.

Jesus Loves tat on girl, 12,
Eyeball tattoos banned in Indiana months after Ottawa woman’s botched procedure
Associated Press
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March 2, 2018
March 2, 2018 3:53 PM EST
Catt Gallinger, who had a botched ink injection in her eyeball, shows the amount of swelling in her eye, at home in Ottawa on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. Medical professionals and body artists say the practice of tattooing the eyeball, which recently left an Ottawa woman facing the prospect of vision loss, is on the rise despite its many risks.Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS
INDIANAPOLIS — Months after the story of a Canadian woman’s botched eyeball tattoo made headlines around the world, a U.S. state has passed legislation to ban the practice.
Catt Gallinger, of Ottawa, said in September that she suffered partial loss of vision in one eye after allowing someone to dye her right eye purple.
On Thursday, the Indiana legislature approved a bill that prohibits tattooists from colouring the white part of an individual’s eye — with the only exception being procedures done by licensed health-care professionals.
The bill imposes a fine of up to US$10,000 per violation.
Republican Sen. John Ruckelshaus, who sponsored the bill, said he’s not aware of any cases in Indiana. Oklahoma is the only other state with a similar law.
Ontario also passed legislation to ban eyeball tattooing and the implantation of eye jewelry — procedures that have been growing in popularity — after doctors warned of serious health risks.

Eyeball tattoos banned in Indiana months after Ottawa woman
Curious Cdn
Fecking ijits!


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