Sex with teen boys wouldn’t have been a crime if she wasn’t their teacher, cops say

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My comment, basically, said she'll overlook a daughter-groper's faults because he's her type of people but she'll condemn someone because her husband - who isn't even running - got a blow job in office from an entirely unrelated intern.

Who was of full legal age and told friends before she even left for her internship that she was "taking her Presidential knee pads."
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Are you talking about Donald or Shillary....or any other president in the last 40 years. I wouldn't say anyone since Ike was of 'high moral character'.

Personally given the present choices I'll take Trump. At least he isn't totally controlled by the military-industrial complex and banking cartels.

I would guess you are definitely not black, muslim, Mexican, or female. I probably overlooked a few other races, or skin colors & sexual leanings along the way. Trump's morality is lower & stinkier than the average out-house hole!!

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