Did erroneous POLLS influence Canadian Election?

What impression did YOU get from the pre-election coverage?

When I watched the pre-election TV coverage, I saw the CPC [conservatives, Harper] gaining ground.
The polls showed this too, that the CPC had risen to being TIED with the Liberals. Do you remember those?

The actuall results were very different. The NDP got DOUBLE THE NUMBER of MPs elected and ONE MILLION more votes than last time - DOUBLE the NDP vote.
The CPC got a few more seats but not a lot, not double was it? Even if they did double, my point is the the pre-election coverage failed to show the NDP in that ballpark. Which was wrong.

Had the polls shown this rise in NDP popularity, the electorate would have responded like they allways do to polularity - they get on the bandwagon.

Also, and this may be a bigger factor - the "strategic" vote, where people thought they had to vote Liberal to stop a CPC majority. We heard this message a lot, and TV is responsible for playing that Martin clip so much.

The NDP could have really benefitted from some more positive coverage, and to hear a balance to Martin's message.

I believe the supporters of the "Two Major Parties" did in fact lead the news media to put the spin on pre-election coverage that would not help the NDP. These 'supporters' are the owners etc of media, and they DO NOT LIKE THE NDP.
Corporate Canada has been getting a sweet ride from the Two Major Parties, and in turn so have the TMPs. been getting a lot of help from corporate Canada.

Now, will the NDP work towards redistribution of wealth so we can save the environment and medicare?

I think it did influence the vote. What way? People feared a conservative goverment, and voted for the other parties. Quite simple.

One thing I must point out, they we're right for Québec. Something extremely rare for polling firms here.
Karlin I live as far west as you can go, a place called lotusland. I went and voted first thing this morning, as did most of the people I know. Why would I wait to see what the rest of Canada voted? I do not really understand that logic. Polls seem very orwellian to me, I think a horscope provide better information.

Can abody fix healthcare and the enviroment? I doubt it, but I would bet on the NDP giving it a try or least giving you the impression that they are.

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