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What the bible says according to your interpretation that is.

No use wrecking Goober's thread and the original Rothschild Bible thread go deleted so pick it up here if you can back up what you so easily gossip about.
I disagree with just about everything promoted in these vids so pick any part.

Bible Secrets Revealed Episode Guide | Bible Secrets Revealed Season 1 Episode Guide

Here you go cliffy, a primer to how corrupt and deceptive the current 'documentaries' are, that alone should make them a treasure to your view.

Bible Secrets Revealed? A Response to the New History Channel Series (Part 1) | Canon Fodder
1. Sensationalistic. Everybody loves a good conspiracy. It is built-in to the human (and particularly American) psyche. We love the idea that the truth has been suppressed for generations only to now be uncovered.
Unfortunately, the title of this new series feeds this conspiracy craving in all of us, and gives a sensationalistic feel to the whole enterprise. Bible Secrets Revealed. Really? This title implies that secrets have been kept from an unsuspecting public for two millennia (presumably by the church or other Christian leaders), only now to be graciously exposed by these noble scholars. Conclusion: you can trust secular scholars but not the church (or the Bible).

2. One-sided. This sensationalistic impulse naturally leads a documentary to want to prove that the traditional view is mistaken (after all, the traditional view is rather boring and unexciting). Thus, we are not surprised when we quickly realize that this documentary will not even be trying to present a balanced perspective. It is decidedly geared to disprove the Bible.

3. Over-stated Historical Claims. Time and time again, this opening installment in this new video series makes historical claims that are partially true, but also a bit misleading. I cannot mention all of these, but here are a few:
  • As it pertains to the authorship of the four gospels, the video quotes scholars as absolutely certain that none of these were eyewitnesses. For instance, Candida Moss declares, “We have four gospels written by four different authors, written decades, maybe as long as a century after [Jesus] died, and none of these authors actually met Jesus.” But, this is a level of certainty that is not warranted by the evidence. She offers no indication that there is any scholarly debate about this (and there is), nor does she suggest there is any positive evidence for the traditional authorship of the gospels (and there is).
  • As another example, Elaine Pagels declares, “We had Christianity for three-hundred years before we had a New Testament.” But, this is only partially true at best, and downright misleading at worst. Sure, the edges of the canon were not solidified until probably the fourth century, but the core of the canon (around 22 out of 27 books) was fairly well-established by the mid/late second century. Irenaeus, for example, was keen to use these books and to use them as Scripture. On a functional level, he did in fact have a New Testament.
There are more examples that could be added, but this is sufficient to show that this video over-reaches at a number of points when it comes to the historical facts. Unfortunately, the average viewer, whom videos like this are targeted to reach, would have no basis for knowing this.

The bolded part describe you to a tee cliffy (and many others here)

A Response to the History Channel’s “Bible Secrets Revealed” | Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Anticipation ran high. The program was supposed to be a hard and honest look at the Bible from some of the most notable (and notorious) figures in Biblical scholarship such as Bart Ehrman, Mark Goodacre, Candida Moss, and Reza Aslan. The disclaimer at the beginning of the program promised a fair presentation of multiple view points, stating, “This program explores the mysteries of the Bible from a variety of historical and theological perspectives which have been debated for centuries.” Such a disclaimer, usually alerting viewers to graphic violence and sexual content not suitable for children, should have warned the unsuspecting public that the content to be presented was anything but “a variety of historical and theological perspectives.” In fact, the program revealed a heavily anti-religious and specifically an anti-Christian bias, where a multiplicity of view points was exchanged for a singular ideology aimed at discrediting religious faith in the Bible. It soon became apparent that what was supposed to be a presentation of the best of objective, secular biblical scholarship was anything but objective. Leading questions suggested the most absurd conclusions, and half-truths masked the real objectivity found in secular scholarship, which is capable of being fair and respectful of religious faith.
If those 5 episodes weren't off-beat enough than the Christians for taking it to a new level entirely or is this Phase II? At least some dates are being thrown out and the (sorta) good news is the first 3 1/2 years are supposed to be a time of peace throughout the world and the things go wrong, very wrong for a lot who are not part of the elite. The 'rapture' of the 'elect' would be into the underground super bunkers, there is an improvement right there, lol

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Anti Christian. What does anti christian mean when it's mouthed by people today who follow a tradition crafted by cunning scribes to aid in the extermination of the original Gnostic Christians and substitute the worship of God with the worship of the material body of the alleged real messianic savior. Worship of that body and blood is worship of the Anti-Christ (material) instead of the true Christ (spirit).

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