PROPER WAY TO FILE A Canada Revenue Agency T1 Personal 'RETURN OF INCOME'

A Canada Revenue Agency
When You Have A Demand To File By CRA, Or
You Wish To Pay Your 'Fair Share',
But No More - Which Should Be $0.00

Specific Filing Method for IRS 1040 at bottom of page.
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Name Game Blog recommended reading

Before we proceed on how to file a T1 'return of income', [or, IRS 1040], I would suggest that you download and study the Name Game Blog. In it, you will find that some of my preliminary information that follows is somewhat obsolete. And, until I get around to revising the following information where necessary, you will have to use discernment. Slave? How did the Government make you a slave?
Download and Read the The Name Game [in RTF format].
We need some details on what the process is all about. I have repeated many points, so that you will be reading this valuable information more than once - then, just maybe, some will stick in your 'gray matter'.
Lord Blackstone, in his Commentaries of the late 1600's extended the great deception that all free will men and women are one and the same as 'natural persons' by his definitions of 'natural' and 'artificial' persons, a scam which had begun in earnest in England around about 1300 AD. Yes, a 'natural person' is an appellation applied to a living man or woman, however, the status of that man or woman is that of a 'fiction' plantation slave status, and for purposes of fraud. All 'persons' are 'legal fictions'.
Artificial persons are ships, or make-believe ships - bodies corporate or politic.
A 'natural person' is a slave status imposed upon a human body, thus supposedly making the fiction a natural thing - but it is still a fiction - make-believe. It is imposed upon you by a deceptive 'legal identity' created by the Crown in right of your birth Province, or by your birth State in the USA. You can recognize this 'legal identity' by the fact that your 'family name' or 'surname' is the primary name, and your given names, or the initials of those names, is for reference only. This is the name you find on your birth certificate. By using this name as your own name, you are entrapped into the legal make-believe world by your assumption that you and the legal identity are 'one and the same'.
Your parents gave their 'plantation slave' [birth certificate] names when completing the form for your Provincial, or for your State registry of live birth. The Crown in right of the Province, or the State, then 'assumed' custody of that 'child of slaves' under the Child Custody Act [or similarly named act] as any slave owner claims the child of owned slaves. The parents become only 'foster parents' to the child. The birth certificate is a 'chattel bond', or more correctly, a 'warehouse receipt', a trade name, and a number [SIN# or SSN#] imposed upon the 'registered' child slave - a physical immature human body.
However, upon that child reaching the age of majority [usually age 21], that claim by government ceases, as a new contract of servitude must be made with the free will mind now recognized within that former child's body and brain. The 'captain, [your mature free will mind], of your 'earthen vessel', [your physical body], comes on board with a claim of right and assumes command. So, by deception and fraud, the contract of servitude, [slave contract], is then assumed to exist by government by having you accept that you are 'one and the same' as the birth certificate name.
As a mature free will man or woman, you are one 'without name and number'. No official public record shows that you have 'accepted' any name, and you have no labels on your body. The name on the Statement of Birth is that of the 'child' you were before you were recognized by society as having a free will mind. The Birth Certificate name is that of a 'legal identity', fiction name created and owned by the Province or State of your birth. Neither of these is your 'real name'. You ONLY have 'commonly known as' names for the remainder of your adult life. You do not have 'also known as' names. That refers to alternate names for the legal identity name.
The Point: The Birth certificate name, however spelled, or in whatever case letters, is a name which belongs to the Crown or State, and imposes a 'plantation slave name or status' upon its user. The Statement of Birth name, however spelled, is the name of a 'child held in custody as a future slave'.
So, using either name 'as your own name' will get you into trouble if you use it in any government related forms, correspondence or forum. After age of majority, whatever name you use must indicate that it is only a 'commonly known as' and/or 'recognized as' name to which you will usually respond. Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Hey You, Hey Dude, Woof or Meow work for most people.
A secondary way that the Crown reinforces its claim upon you is by a contract of servitude - a feudal contract. This contract can be actual, as in joining the military; or, by assumpsit, where you obey a statute which only applies to a legal identity-fiction/person, and especially when you acknowledge the birth certificate name in a court hearing.
The 'real' you(while a child) had 'given' or baptismal names, and your 'family' name is for reference only. But, it must also be kept in mind that there is no record of your having accepted those 'given names'. To anyone else, they are only 'a commonly called names' or pseudonym nicknames, but,they are not your real name. You have 'no name or number'. No adult human has a name. There is no proof that any registered names are your names. Remember, we see no 'family' name for Jesus (Yehsuah) in the Bible. As with the custom of the time, He would have been referred to as Yehsuah ben (son of) Joseph, or Yehsuah of Nazareth. The European people have usually adopted 'a son of', a trade name, or a place name which eventually became a family name.
The Historical Research Center, England
It was not until the middle ages that surnames were first introduced to distinguish between people bearing the same personal name or Christian names. With the growth in documentation necessitated by the expanding administrations of medieval rulers who were eager to replenish their exchequers by improving their tax collection system, such surnames became essential.
The reasoning behind this was that the Pope of Rome claimed ownership and authority over all mankind on planet Earth. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII (c. 1235 - 1303) issued the papal bull Unum Sanctum, wherein the Pope says: "Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." Other Papal Bulls of that time period proclaim that the Pope has supreme and final authority in all matters, both civic and spiritual. However, the Pope could not commandeer the fruits of a man's labour, that being a product of a man's mind, as our Creator endowed us with a free will mind. And, you need to understand that this was the Pope who conspired with Edward I, King of England to defraud and deprive the English people of their Anglo-Saxon Common Law.
Thus, with the Pope claiming ownership of everything under, on and above the ground and the sea, the people had nothing to use to pay the Pope the demanded 'tribute' - taxes/bribe' demanded by the Pope as Pontifex Maximus of the Holy Roman Empire. So, a scheme had to be developed to extract the labour, or the fruits of the labour of a free will man. This scheme finally developed into the legal fiction name, and slave status it imposed upon the associated man.
What does this all mean? And, please note: Replace the demonstration names shown herein with those names associated with yourself.
First, for you to give or say your name in a court proceeding constitutes 'hearsay', which is 'a fraud upon the court'. A judge may choose to not complain about the fraud; however, you have eliminated your credibility in that court proceeding, and the judge then may disregard any evidence you may present.
The only credible name you can give to the court is 'I AM'.
Second, if you give your family name as being part of your name, you have admitted that you, and the 'legal identity' are one and the same, and that you are responsible for any debts and statutory obligations of the 'legal identity'.
When asked to identify yourself in court, you first ask the judge: "Is hearsay evidence acceptable in this court?" The judge's answer should be "NO". However, judges have been known to say 'Sometimes" and then insists that you give or say a name. Your only acceptable answer is: "My commonly called name, a hearsay name to me, is 'Thomas Robert', and I am supposedly of the family called 'Jones'. I am here to speak for and as primary creditor of the debtor and fiction called THOMAS ROBERT JONES, which, to me, is also a hearsay name." Further instructions on court procedures are available by e-mail request.
Third, the Crown (or State in the USA) created and owns the 'legal identity'. As such it is liable for all debts arising from any statutory obligations imposed upon 'persons' - and all statutes are only applicable to 'persons' - legal fictions, men in servitude to a corporate entity, and 'legal identities'. Your response: "You have invoiced the wrong party. Please send your invoice to the person who created and is liable for the legal identity, THOMAS ROBERT JONES, which, I believe is the Crown in right of (birth Province), or State of (your birth State).
A quote from the now defunct BBCOA webpage explains why the government must use legal fictions attached to men and women, and address all legislation to 'persons': "Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person (corporation), an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other 'persons'. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible - mankind in their natural state."
The above quote was in relation to two court cases in the USA: I cannot vouch for the following quotes, as I have not researched them; however, since all legislation, at all levels of government, both in the USA and Canada, are specifically directed at 'persons, and not to 'free will men and women, they ring true. If they could have been directed at, or applicable to the latter, then, due to the requirements of statutes to be clear and easily understood, they would be written so as to include free will men and women. The term 'person' is not a 'short-cut' for reference to free will men and women.
"That the majority shall prevail is a rule posterior to the formation of government, and results from it. It is not a rule binding upon mankind in their natural state. There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow men without his consent." CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 May Term 1796.
"governments are bodies politic" - Penhallow vs. Doane's Administrators 3 U.S. 54, 113 (1795). Lord Blackstone stated that 'artificial persons' are 'bodies corporate' or 'bodies politic'. Ergo: 'bodies politic' are corporations - make-believe ships.
Therefore, the only *thing* required to file a 'return of income' is 'all persons resident in Canada' - found in Section 2 (required to pay an income tax) and Section 150 (required to file a return of income -T1) of the Income Tax act of Canada. And in the US Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 USC, one finds that in Section 6012. "Doesn't this mean ME?", you ask. Our Creator God didn't create 'legal entities', otherwise known as 'persons'. Similar quotes can be found in Title 26 USC - the IRS CODE. (Sub-title A Section 2 and 7700-definitions]
So, following this reasoning, the 'legal identity/natural person/strawman' identified by your physical body, (thus, associated with your body for the fraudulent purposes of extorting your labour or the fruits of your labour), has, as its only source of income, the fee you choose to pay it for its services as your 'agent in commerce' in dealing in the counterfeit Canadian or Federal Reserve currency, and/or as 'trustee in trust' of your assets. There is NO 'other income' associated with the strawman.
In official records, or court transcripts, that 'person' name must be in all cap letters, [the 'all caps' spelling designating the slave as chattel pledged as a debtor in bankruptcy] although, in the past, and occasionally now, appears as the 'nom de guerre' (war name) format, with one's family name first. However, even if correspondence comes to you in proper noun format from a government agency, it is still in reference only to the 'person' (sometimes referred to as 'strawman') name, which judges attempt to associate with your physical body. Your silence to their addressing you as 'Mister (family name) is usually sufficient for them to make the association/assumption that your body is the 'legal identity' entity they have on their court papers
Remember, when you use the expression 'I am', you refer to your mind, which exists within your body, your earth vessel. The 'strawman' does not apply to your mind, nor affect your mind, except where the government may control your body to the detriment of your mind. The 'person - strawman - legal fiction - all caps name' attached to your body by the Crown can be thought of as a piece of sewer pipe through which you must reach to either receive, pay out, bank or invest Canadian dollars (or US FRNs).
In this so called bankrupt country with non-backed script debt money - [counterfeit money], the present status of Canada and Canadian money [and also of the USA] since the 1930s, a free will man or woman cannot carry on commerce or deal in script money within this bankrupt corporation. Therefore, you need to deal in commerce through an agent, which is the all caps strawman-person. Just check the name on your credit or bank cards, or government issued cards
It is this 'strawman-person' who receives wages as corporate 'income'. As a free will man, your wages are not taxable. And by the Royal Edict (1870) of Queen Victoria, a man's wages cannot be 'attached' = garnisheed. This was/is called 'The Wages Attachment Abolition Act, 1870'. So, what one does is to make a claim of right upon assets in one's strawman's name and create, (in your own mind, if you wish - a third party has no right to see it) a simple contract of agency between yourself, the free will man and the strawman-person the Crown has attached to your body.
[Royal Edict: Legislation originated by the Queen, not Parliament]

You will be paying a fee for the strawman's agency services[as proof of a contract of agency]; but, that fee per year needs be less than the individual minimum exemption - has been around $7,500.00 for the last while in Canada. There may be other exemptions, such as spousal, dependents and age.
What you collected through the agent-strawman minus the agent's fee is your tax free wages or exchange of property. That amount goes into a business expense form as 'other' business expense (deductions) from the agent's gross income.
According to law dictionaries and style manuals, an all caps name is either an acronym, ie: RCMP; or, by internal use in a corporation [body politic] as indicating a "legal fiction" designated as being a 'debtor'. A man in the military is of a "servant status" by contract, and is NOT a free will man. However, in the latter instance, the man's name is usually 'last name, first and second name' - a 'nom de guerre'. Apparently, even that name format is now being written in all caps. More recent speculation has it that the all caps spelling of the legal identity name signifies a slave pledged as chattel in bankruptcy by the debtor slave master/owner. In any case, it is irrelevant to us in this filing method. The relevant point is the inclusion of the family name as being the paramount name, and the given names as reference names.
Since the government is a legal fiction, it, and any corporation (legal fiction) it creates, cannot recognize you, the free will man, and so must deal with [make contract with] you through a legal fiction entity. And, because the government [the Crown in right of Canada, or of a Province, or by the State] created this fiction version of your given and inherited name, it claims it as intellectual property, and bestows the status of plantation slave on any human who ignorantly accepts the name as being one and the same as himself/herself.
A point of interest for Canadians:- If the Crown in right of a Province creates the legal fiction supposedly attached to a baby's body by a false birth certificate name, and the creator owns its creation; and then the Crown in right of Canada attaches a number [Social Insurance Number] to that legal fiction - legal identity, indicating that the Federal Crown is co-owner of that legal fiction, would Section 125 of the BNA Act and the 1982 Confederation Act be applicable? That section says: "No lands or PROPERTY belonging to Canada or any Province shall be liable to taxation." The birth certificate, the name on the birth certificate, and the legal identity which that name represents are the PROPERTY of the Crown.
You maybe could claim the assigned strawman under the maxim of law, accessio cedit principali, (an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the principal), the principal being you, the adult free will man. However, this could place you in the position of being liable for all debts of that strawman. Therefore, it may be wise to not do so, thus leaving liability where it belongs - with the creator, the Province of birth. You are only liable for debts arising out of the actions of your strawman's activities dealing directly with your interests.
Since the Crown created the 'strawman' and claims ownership, the Crown is responsible for all debts imposed by the Crown upon the 'strawman'. Because you are in possession of the all caps name 'strawman', which acts as your agent in commerce, you use it as necessary to convert your labour and skills into what currently passes for Canadian money so that you can obtain the necessities and conveniences of life.
You, the free will man do the work or labour for the corporate body [employer] but the pay goes to your "strawman". Your "strawman" also is your agent for banking. Check your credit or bank card to see what name is there. Regarding anything to do with holding your assets, the strawman is your 'trustee in trust'. So, you see, the "strawman" receives the "gross income", which is your wages or other remuneration for your work, services or investments. That 'gross income' is subject to revision by exemptions,expenses and deductions. Since you choose to pay the strawman the sum of $3,500.00 for a fee for services (use of the strawman name), that is the 'net' and 'taxable' income of the person/strawman - as all else collected belongs to you under equity claim, and you are NOT a 'taxpayer'. You, the free will man received nothing as "income" - You get 'exchange value'.
So now, CRA demands that THOMAS ROBERT JONES file a "return of income"
Since THOMAS ROBERT JONES is a "person resident in Canada", and the Income Tax Act of Canada says "every person (natural or artificial) resident in Canada must file a return of income" (Section 150). CRA may use a proper spelling of the strawman's name in their dunning correspondence; however, for formal demands and for court summons, they must use the all caps spelling of the strawman name. All caps just designates a fictional entity as a 'debtor'.

Your status: Since THOMAS ROBERT JONES is your "agent in commerce", you, commonly called Thomas-Robert of the Jones family are the 'scribe' for the legal fiction/entity, THOMAS ROBERT JONES.
Now, getting to the T1 return. THOMAS ROBERT JONES is the "taxpayer', and that name and legal address goes in the proper box at the top of the form - street address and postal code. The S.I.N. number belongs to THOMAS ROBERT JONES, the legal identity, not to the free will human commonly called Thomas Robert of the Jones family, so, put that number in the appropriate box.
Further instructions on the 'how to's' below.
Before we proceed, you must remember the following points:
  • 1. You, the free will man or woman, are the 'principal', and the source of exchange for money. Because you do the work, you have an equity claim on valuable assets which are collected, held and spent under the strawman name. 2. The 'birth certificate name', your 'strawman', is your 'agent' in commerce. A quick check of the name on your credit, debit, and government issued cards will prove this fact to you. The 'all caps' apparently means a legal identity/ strawman pledged as chattel in national bankruptcy. The 'strawman' is the birth certificate name.
    3. All money you get for the exchange of your labour and/or skills, interest on investments, bank interest, etc. is collected and banked by your 'strawman' as 'income'. That is the business of your 'agent in commerce' and 'trustee in trust', your 'strawman'. Dealing with government for services such as passport, health care, and pensions is all in the name of the strawman.
    4. You, the principal, must complete the T1 General 'Return of Income' form as part of your obligations of the 'contract of agency' with the strawman. As a 'ghost', it is incapable of doing anything physical or mental. Also, this help prevent harassment by Crown agents who see your physical body as being 'one and the same' as the strawman.
    5. You will also need to complete a 'Statement of business activities' (T2124) - first 2 pages only. This is a 'profit and loss statement' for the strawman's business of agency.
    6. No need for a Provincial tax schedule. Federal Tax Schedule 1 has the basic exemption and the calculation for 'tax owing' (which should be $0.00) and where you calculate any withheld money you demand be returned to you. Recent year T1s require the Schedule 1 to be completed and attached.
    7. It is very important that you complete the signature block at the bottom of the T1 or IRS 1040, and, in the way I direct. When you filed 'AS' the strawman (the slave) in the past, the tax collectors didn't much care if the forms were filed with a signature, or not - as long as there was the identifying name and number. In this method of filing, you are filing 'FOR' the slave/strawman, and you need to show that in the signature box.
Note: You are not filing for yourself - you are filing for a 'strawman', a brainless fictional entity, your 'agent' - just as you would file for a working mentally retarded adult son. In the 'Statement of business activities' [T2124] blank which asks for 'main product or service', I would suggest: 'Agent in commerce'. The 'strawman' performs no work or service, and has no skills, mind or physical body to do anything else but legal agent. As a 'ghost', the strawman has NO expenses other than the money to be paid over to the principal - you, which would represent 'deductions', not expenses.
THOMAS ROBERT JONES is in contract with you, the free will man or woman, to collect and turn over your wages, or, more correctly, the asset value, to you, the one who exchanged your "skill and/or labour" for wages. Where is the contract? It can be a verbal and certainly private contract. Has CRA or a judge the right to see evidence of this contract? No! Third party interference in a private contract is forbidden by law, since contracts come under the unalienable right of property. Your contract must have a "consideration", so, you would allow THOMAS ROBERT JONES a sum of money for services rendered.
NOTE 1: Don't use the copyright symbol after the strawman's 'all caps' name. It is not a good idea to do so.
NOTE 2. CRA may attempt to throw you a curve by disputing some of your completed forms. For instance, the T2124 is a prescribed form for 'profit and loss', and the strawman has no expenses other than what is paid to the principal. Therefore, should you receive such a notice from CRA, I suggest you promptly inform CRA that you do not accept the contract offered in their letter dated (?), and that the T1 and T2124 of (date of filing) on behalf of THOMAS ROBERT JONES stands as filed. Signed: I, commonly called Thomas-Robert of the Jones family for THOMAS ROBERT JONES.
NOTE 2. For those of you who use this filing method, and then find that you are losing sleep over whether CRA accepted the T1 return, you can, after a reasonable length of time, request a Statement of Account from CRA. You would give your all caps name and Social Insurance number.
The Filing Method for the Canadian 'Canada Revenue Agency' T1 and T2124
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