Several articles at the BBC website on the biggest issue facing humanity today - please fight for reductions in emissions any way you can.
Government will not do it, industry will not do it, and so that leave you and me to either tell them to do it, or change some of our own personal habits like not buying new cars unless there are low emission vehicles available. Or, if you own a home, put up solar panels and start selling electrcity back to the grid or reduce your use of centralised power. There are lots of ideas, someone has to start doing them.

'More disasters' for warmer world

Rising temperatures will increase the risk of forest fires, droughts and flooding over the next two centuries, UK climate scientists have warned.

Even if harmful emissions were cut now, many parts of the world would face a greater risk of natural disasters, a team from Bristol University said.

'Clear' human impact on climate

A scientific report commissioned by the US government has concluded there is "clear evidence" of climate change caused by human activities.

The report, from the federal Climate Change Science Program, said trends seen over the last 50 years "cannot be explained by natural processes alone".

Earth - melting in the heat?

There seems little doubt that the changes seen in mountain glaciers are going to have an impact on human societies in coming decades, as populations expand and the supply of fresh water shrinks with the ice.

Q&A: Climate change

Climate change: The big emitters

[this report looks at] the world's biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, how much they emit, what are they doing about it.
By Nation, USA India Japan, E.U etc.

K -
I would like to see the names of the industrial emittors too.
I would like to see our government come out with public service announcments that let us know what we can expect, and even tell us what the WORST might be so we will know what price we are going to pay for not reducing our emissions.
Just because government sides with industry doesn't mean they cannot tell us the truth, does it? Ok,it does, silly me. Gee, if government would at least let the scientists talk openly about the potentials in our present course.

We are headed to a nasty future, and we are still pretending it isn't real.

There are still denials and industry propaganda, like the Exxon spoof on Al Gore's movie. Hey, did anyone see it yet?

COME ON, lets get moving on replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources wherever they will work, and there are many.