Celebrities and trouble.

I've wondered about this for some time now and I need to ask..

Why do the majority of Celebrities always defend or stand up for Celebrities that screw up big time? like Lindsay Lohan, Roman Polanski, and so on.. ??

is there some "code of honor" that is being played out here?

I just read where Jennifer Aniston called Lindsay Lohan "poor thing" and saying she doesn't envy her.

Everyone remembers Whoopi Goldberg and her her " It's just rape, it's not Rape Rape", with Polanski.

I really wish that more celebrities would start calling them out or criticizing the ones who screw up!

get on their cases! start red flagging the stupid or dumb ones that cant' stay out of trouble!

in reality when you think about it.. a guy like Polanski should really be barred from making any movies with any major film industries.. if they had any morals.

and Lohan should have to prove to people that she's capable of leading a controlled life and not mess up anymore before she's allowed to act ever again!

but it seems like they all stick up for one another. they're afraid to piss off someone!

bunch of cowards really. I'd be a bigger fan of those who would call out those who are criminals and cannot stay out of trouble.
lone wolf
Scandal gets bigger press than any good review
Why are you so concerned about celebrities? They're an insular bunch and naturally they defend one another due to their delusions of being under constant attack.
It's just a concern and I complain about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiliagon View Post

It's just a concern and I complain about it.

I could understand that if it affected you...
It's the same as any other "clique". This happens in professional sports as well(the whole steroid issue for example). It's all about money and power there, and doesn't really have much to do with honour.

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