Do you listen to the internet radio stations ???

Hi ... When i am home i find myself now only listening to the internet radio station ... I like listening to classic rock stations ... I am curious what others like listening to ??? My favorite station is .... If you have a favorite pls post it ... Thanks
I do from time to time, my favorite is No Holds Barred Radio (NHB Radio). Awesome, funny funny stuff.
i only did a couple of times cuz my radio wansnt working and my uncle was a guest on a radio show talking about The Taste Of The Dansforth.....hes Marty Galin....he has that show "The Movable Feast" and he produces "Beer Buddies"
I haven't listened to the radio in about 2 years...
and besides there are no good stations with the music i like...
Have you ever try using winamp ??? It has many different types of music to choose from
i use winamp...but i didnt know that there are radio stations?
i sometimes listen to virgin radio uk or yahoo but my fav music souce is here..........

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You can do it through winamp5.. I think it was possibly only the pro version, which is what I have.

You do this:

-Open media library
-Select Internet Radio
-Click whatever it is in the list you want to listen to!

Easy as that
Hi ... No you can use the internet radio with the free version as well , same way as you mention there Andem

Also you can use this as well , just start up winamp and then select from the website below which you would like to listen to

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