Listen to this wonderful soora 67 of the Quran

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Here is the recitation of this great soora 67 of the Glorious Quran, by an Iraqi reciter

And here is the explanation of this wonderful soora full of wisdom and knowledge:

Soora 67

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

( 1. Blessed be [God Whose kingdom increases more and more]; He by Whose hand is the ownership [of all things], and is All-Able to do everything.

2. Who has created the dead [matter], and [then He created] the living [beings out of the dead matter] to try you, which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Almighty the All-Forgiving.

3. [God] Who has created seven stratified [gaseous] heavens; you cannot see any non-observance in the creation of the Most Gracious!

Then [look at the sky, your first look, and] turn your [eye-] sight again [to make sure]: Can you see any rifts [in the heavens]? [No, of course.]

4. Then turn your [eye-] sight twice –– your [eye-] sight shall return to you disappointed eventhough it be open-eyed.

5. And We have adorned the nearest firmament [to your earth] with [meteors which flash at night like] lamps, and made these [meteors] to stone devils; and We have prepared for them [for Doomsday] the chastisement of the Blaze.)

More explanation is in the link:
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Quran 67: 6-11, which mean:

(6. And there will be the chastisement of Hell for those who disbelieve in their Lord; what a miserable destiny [will their destiny be in Hell!]

7. When they will be cast into [Hell], they will hear its roaring – as it boils up.

8. As [Hell] would tear up [from simmering] with [extreme] rage [at disbelievers.] Whenever a [new] troop is flung therein its keepers ask them: Came there to you no warner to [warn] you [of this punishment]?

9. They will say: "Yes, indeed, a warner did come to us, but we denied [him] and said: 'God has not revealed anything; surely you [messengers] are in error [far from the truth] so great, [for that you say: God has revealed to us a book and a revelation!']"

10. And they shall say: “Had we but listened [to the words of the messengers] or pondered [that to which they invited us], we should not have been among the inmates of the Blaze.”

11. Thus, [will] they confess their sins [but their confession will not avail them anything at that time, for] the inmates of the Blaze will be far removed [from God's mercy.])

More explanation is in the link:

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