Another marvelous soora of the Quran

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It is the soora #79

Soora 79
(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(1. [I swear] by [the winds] that plucked out [a people] immersed [in their sins, and cast them away!]

[Then God – be glorified – started to describe those winds, and He said:]
2. And [by those winds] that rushed with increasing speed!
3. And [by those winds] that started swimming [through the air!]
4. And [by those winds] that outstripped [horses, gazelles and every creature on earth!]
5. And [by those winds] that thrust the am'r [: genies, devils and spirits in their way] on their backs!

[Then God – be glorified – threatened them with the chastisement of Doomsday, and explained about some events which will occur then, so He said:]
6. On the day when the quaking earth will quake [the quaking of Doomsday.]
7. Which the following [calamity: the tearing-up of the earth] shall succeed.
8. [Some] hearts on that day will be agitated.
9. While their sights shall be humbled.

[Then God – be glorified – explained about the doctrine of the associaters or the idolaters and their denial of the ‘sending to the Next Life’ and the ‘gathering-together’, so He said:]
10. They say: “Shall our [bodies] really be restored in the grave to our former state?”
11. "Even when we shall be decayed bones [in the grave]?"
12. They say: "It would then, [if what Mohammed says concerning the sending forth to the Next Life was true], be a return with loss."

[Then God – be glorified – told that they only have illusions about this, and it is not as do they think that We return bodies to life once again; because the ‘sending to the Next Life’ and the gathering-together is exclusively for souls, and there will be no need for bodies, so He said:]
13. But surely, it will be but a single [compelling] cry;
14. When they will immediately be in the sleepless [world.])

More explanation:
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Quran 79: 15-26, which mean:
(15. Have [you, Mohammed, understood] the story, of Moses [with Pharaoh, when it had previously] reached you?

16. When his Lord called to him in the sacred Valley of Tuva:

17. "Go to Pharaoh; he has become a tyrant."

18. "And say [to him]: 'Do you like to purify [yourself from disbelief, by admitting that there is no god but God]?"

19. "And that I should guide you to [recognize] your Lord, then you shall fear [the consequence of your disbelief and oppression, in order to forsake all that]?"

20. And he showed him the greatest miracle [: the staff.]

21. But [Pharaoh] denied [it] and rebelled [against his Lord.]

22. Then he turned away [from Moses] seeking [to disprove his miracle.]

23. Then he mustered [his companions and retinue] and made a proclamation [to them:]

24. And said: "I [Pharaoh] am your Lord, Highest [than all other gods.]"

25. So God seized him with the punishment of the Next [Life: in the Fire] and the First [life of the World: by the drowning and disgrace.]

26. Surely, in that [drowning and perishing] is a lesson to any who fears [God's punishment and avoids His disobedience.])

More explanation:
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Quran 79: 27-33, which mean:
(27. Are you the harder to [re-]create, or is the firmament that He did construct [making it seven layers?]

28. He raised its high layers [and lowered its low layers], and arranged them [into seven layers.]

29. And darkened its night [by the setting of the sun], and brought forth its day [by the sun light.]

30. And afterwards, He increased [the thickness of the cold crust of] the earth.

31. [And He] produced, from the [earth], the water thereof and the pasture thereof.

32. and the mountains He settled firmly [on the earth.]

33. [And He made the water and the plant, which He produced from the earth] a provision for you and for your cattle.)

More explanation and the rest of the soora is in the link:
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Quran 79: 34-41, which mean:

(34. Then, when the 'great catastrophe' comes.

35. The day when man shall remember [all the good work] that he did [in his life in the World.]

36. And Hell is advanced to those who see.

37. Then as for him who was insolent [towards Our messenger]

38. And preferred the life of the World [to the Next Life.]

39. Surely Hell shall be his resort.

40. But such as feared the Station of his Lord and forbade [his] soul [its] caprices.

41. Surely Paradise shall be his resort.)

More explanation and the rest of the soora is in the link:
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The last ayat of this blessed soora 79

Quran 79: 42-46, which mean:

(42. They question you [Mohammed] about the Hour [of death]: when its time will come!

43. But have you any knowledge concerning it, so that you may tell them about it? [No, you haven't.]

44. To [the judgment of] your Lord, will be the final end [of men, when their life term is concluded.]

45. You [Mohammed] are only a warner of anyone who fears it.

46. On the day when they see the [angels of death], it will be as if they had tarried only for a night or its day.)

By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 79 of the Quran is completed;
So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)

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