Exposing the trick of the Wicked Zionists

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Meh, he's a religious nut. No different from a Jeebus-licker cheering the bombing of an abortion clinic or a Chosen Person getting a hard-on over settlers killing Palestinians.

Funny part is they all claim they just wub peace. Why can't they just follow Odin? He fully endorsed their murderous ways.

To be fair, ain't nobody more peaceful than a dead guy.

Perhaps that is why Nassir's friends keep killing people. He has a bumper sticker on his camel that reads, "Ask me About Hamas!"

Religion + Faith = dumb
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I don't think I can withstand the coldness of this city, although it is so beautiful, may live here for a short period not more for tourism only.. our bodies are accustomed to hot weather more than cold weather.

You will get lots of heat when you arrive in Muslim Hell.

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