Suspected rhino poacher killed in Kruger Park

A suspected rhino poacher has been shot dead in the Kruger National Park, while two others have been arrested for killing a mother and her calf.

South Africa is grappling with a surge of rhinos being killed for their horns, which are worth more than their weight in gold due to rising demand in Asia where they are used in traditional medicine.

Police said in a statement on Friday the poacher was killed in a shoot-out with a patrol that included park rangers, police and the South African military.

“The team also recovered four rhino horns, a hunting rifle and an axe from the poachers,” the statement said.

Since January of this year, more than 210 rhinos have been killed by poachers in South Africa, with 130 in Kruger alone, according to official data.

If current rates continue, at least 600 rhinos will be poached this year, far more than the 448 killed in 2011. — Reuters

Suspected rhino poacher killed in Kruger Park - Mail & Guardian Online

Demand and supply.

Sickening however.
Allright ! Keep up the good work,6.72 is a lot cheaper than a trial,meby should wound them and cut off a hand.
nice to hear.. like that outcome..
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I love it. I watch the show 'ole pejata', and they have rhinos there too, and they saw off their

horns so that there is no trophy to sell, BUT that doesn't seem to stop them, their rhino, that

they raised from a baby was shot by a poacher, 'just because', I suppose out of spite.

ole pejata is a huge animal refuge, a wonderful place to protect animals and farmers, so they

can live side by side without either the crops being ruined or the animals being killed.

They are doing a great deed for that part of africa, but they still have to be on the lookout for

those slimy poachers.

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