What I would call a bad day

A motorist uses a gauge to check tire pressure in this file photo. An air hose mishap puffed a New Zealand trucker into a human balloon Saturday. ((Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press))

A New Zealand truck driver said he blew up like a balloon when he fell onto the fitting of a compressed air hose that pierced his buttock and forced air into his body at 100 pounds a square inch.

Steven McCormack was standing on his truck's foot plate Saturday when he slipped and fell, breaking a compressed air hose off an air reservoir that powered the truck's brakes.

He fell hard onto the brass fitting, which pierced his left buttock and started pumping air into his body.

"I felt the air rush into my body and I felt like it was going to explode from my foot," he told local media from his hospital bed in the town of Whakatane, on North Island's east coast.

"I was blowing up like a football," he said. "I had no choice but just to lay there, blowing up like a balloon."

McCormack's workmates heard his screams and ran to him, quickly releasing a safety valve to stop the air flow, said Robbie Petersen, co-owner of the trucking company.
He was rushed to the hospital with terrible swelling and fluid in one lung. Doctors said the air had separated fat from muscle in McCormack's body, but had not entered his bloodstream.

McCormack, 48, said his skin felt "like a pork roast" — crackling on the outside but soft underneath
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This definitely qualifies as a freaky accident.
He forgot to turn the other cheek.
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He forgot to turn the other cheek.

Not the recommended cure for erectile dysfunction.
Compressed air is a very dangerous thing. Many years ago when I worked on a very dusty factory floor, the easiest way to blow the dust off our clothes was using the air hose/jet. But if we did that and were caught, we were subjected to disciplinary action.

Also, when I worked in the mines and used 90ppsqi pressure for my Ingersoll-Rand, I got hit with a whipping airhose, leaving a permanent scar on my forehead by an accidental and unintentional opening of the air valve by my partner.

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