The wonderful soora 79 of the Quran

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To start with, let us listen to this beautiful recitation of this great Quran revelation:

Soora 79

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)
1. [I swear] by [the winds] that plucked out [a people] immersed [in their sins, and cast them away!]

[Then God – be glorified – started to describe those winds, and He said:]
2. And [by those winds] that rushed with increasing speed!
3. And [by those winds] that started swimming [through the air!]
4. And [by those winds] that outstripped [horses, gazelles and every creature on earth!]
5. And [by those winds] that thrust the am'r [: genies, devils and spirits in their way] on their backs!

[Then God – be glorified – threatened them with the chastisement of Doomsday, and explained about some events which will occur then, so He said:]
6. On the day when the quaking earth will quake [the quaking of Doomsday.]
7. Which the following [calamity: the tearing-up of the earth] shall succeed.
8. [Some] hearts on that day will be agitated.
9. While their sights shall be humbled.

[Then God – be glorified – explained about the doctrine of the associaters and their denial of the ‘sending to the Next Life’ and the ‘gathering-together’, so He said:]
10. They say: “Shall our [bodies] really be restored in the grave to our former state?”
11. "Even when we shall be decayed bones [in the grave]?"
12. They say: "It would then, [if what Mohammed says concerning the sending forth to the Next Life was true], be a return with loss."

[Then God – be glorified – told that they only have illusions about this, and it is not as do they think that We return bodies to life once again; because the ‘sending to the Next Life’ and the gathering-together is exclusively for souls, and there will be no need for bodies, so He said:]
13. But surely, it will be but a single [compelling] cry;
14. When they will immediately be in the sleepless [world.])

See more exceedingly marvelous explanation of these wonderful ayat in this link:
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Quote: Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post

Life and death is exclusively by God's hand, not according to the desire of Zionists and Satanists.

Quran 83: 33-35, which mean:
(33. Yet the [disbelievers] were not sent as guardians over the [believers.] c

34. So today d the believers are laughing at the disbelievers.

35. [Reclining] on couches, [and] looking [to the trees, birds and mansions of Paradise.] e

36. Have the unbelievers been rewarded for what [gifts, presents and sacrifices] they [in the life of the World] had worked [for the idols and statues?] f )
.................................................. ........................

33 c i.e. We have not sent the disbelievers to record the deeds and write down the words of the believers; but with every man there is a watching angel who watches his deeds and writes down his words.

34 d It means: the Day of Judgment.

35 e As has previously been explained in the aya 23.

36 f No, they haven't. Actually they have been punished for such acts.
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Now, we return to our marvelous soora 79

Soora 79: 15-26, which mean:
(15. Have [you, Mohammed, understood] the story, of Moses [with Pharaoh, when it had previously] reached you?

16. When his Lord called to him in the sacred Valley of Tuva:

17. "Go to Pharaoh; he has become a tyrant."

18. "And say [to him]: 'Do you like to purify [yourself from disbelief, by admitting that there is no god but God]?"

19. "And that I should guide you to [recognize] your Lord, then you shall fear [the consequence of your disbelief and oppression, in order to forsake all that]?"

20. And he showed him the greatest miracle [: the staff.]

21. But [Pharaoh] denied [it] and rebelled [against his Lord.]

22. Then he turned away [from Moses] seeking [to disprove his miracle.]

23. Then he mustered [his companions and retinue] and made a proclamation [to them:]

24. And said: "I [Pharaoh] am your Lord, Highest [than all other gods.]"

25. So God seized him with the punishment of the Next [Life: in the Fire] and the First [life of the World: by the drowning and disgrace.]

26. Surely, in that [drowning and perishing] is a lesson to any who fears [God's punishment and avoids His disobedience.])

More explanation:
I gather you are not familiar with the Book of Revelations.
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Now, we return to our marvelous soora 79

Soora 79: 15-26, which mean:
(15. Have [you, Mohammed, understood] the story, of Moses [with Pharaoh, when it had previously] reached you?

haraoh; he has become a tyrant."

How could Mohammed understand the story of Moses when he was illiterate?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post

How could Mohammed understand the story of Moses when he was illiterate?

Mohammed had been unaware of the story of Moses and many of other prophets, before the Quran was revealed to him.
Then God told him in the Quran about Moses in many ayat before this aya .. then this aya came to tell him:
"Have you received [and understood] the implication of Moses story when it had been revealed to you in the soora 20 and many other sooras before this one!?"

This expression "Have you received and understood" is mentioned many times in the Quran concerning Moses' story and other subjects: like the speaking about the "overwhelming sky" which will take place before Doomsday when the earth will stop its axial rotation and the night will be on one side of the earth, and the day will be on the other side.

Like the soora 88 in the book of the Quran, which means:
Quran 88: 1 ( Have you, [Mohammed, understood] the account of the overwhelming a [sky, when it had been] conveyed to you [in a previous revelation: 44: 10-11] b)
.................................................. .........................
1 a Which will overwhelm people with its evil.
1 b That is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 44: 10-11, which means:
(44: 10. But watch [O Mohammed a] for the day when the sky will bring an obvious smoke.)
.................................................. ............................
10 a i.e. wait and you, yourself, will see their punishment.
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Therefore, neither Mohammed nor his people were aware of the story of Moses and many other stories like the story of Mary the mother of Jesus and her birth and her guardian Zachariah the husband of her aunt Elizabeth.

[Then [after the conclusion of the story of Noah] God – be glorified – addressed His messenger Mohammed, and said:]
Quran 11: 49, which means: (These [stories and tidings] are [some] of the tidings of 'the Unknown' that We reveal to you [Mohammed]; which neither did you nor your people [the Arab] know, before this [revelation];

so be patient [concerning the hurt of your people, O Mohammed; as was Noah patient concerning the hurt of his people];

surely, the [best] final sequel will be for those who ward off [God's punishment by obeying Him.]

Because these ayat and others were revealed to affirm the Prophet and let him be steadfast and forbear patiently the hurt of his people.
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Quran 12: 3, which means:
(We do relate to you [Mohammed] the best of stories c [of the ancient], by revealing this Quran to you d ; though before it e you were oblivious [to such information] f .)
.................................................. ......................

3 c i.e. the most correct, summarized and advantageous to the listener.

3 d It means: We tell you these stories by the revelation which We reveal to you by Gabriel who recited it to you.

3 e i.e. before revealing the revelation.

3 f Which neither did you hear nor did you know about before.
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Now let us listen to this nice recitation of this great soora 89:
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More about (the Prophet did not know many things before the Quran revelation)

Many Muslims think that the Prophet was infallible, and that he knew all the knowledge .. which is only the enthusiasm .. while the truth is that he was ignorant about many things and many stories before the Quran was revealed to him

So God by the inspiration and revelation acquainted his prophet many things which he did not know before ..

like in this aya 4: 113, which means:
(God has revealed to you the Book [: the Quran] and the wisdom [: the admonition], and taught you that [knowledge] which you [Mohammed] knew not [before];
God's grace to you [Mohammed] is ever great
a .)
.................................................. ................................

113 a For that He assigned you the 'seal of the prophets'.
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Another aya related to this subject:

Quran 28: 44-46 , which mean:
(44. And you [Mohammed] were not on the western side of the [Mount Horeb] when We decreed to Moses the matter, nor were you among the attendants.

45. But We created [successive] generations [after Moses], then a long time passed on the [Children of Israel since the time of Moses.]
Moreover, you [Mohammed] were not sojourning among the people of Midian, so that you have [now] come to rehearse on [the Meccans] Our revelationsj.
But We [have] sent [you, Mohammed, to your people, as had We sent Moses to Pharaoh.]

46. Nor were you [Mohammed] by the side of the Mount [Sinai: or Horeb in Hebrew] when We called Moses [and We spoke to him and sent him to Pharaoh.]

But [as] a mercy from your Lord, that you may warn a people [of Mecca and Hijaz] to whom no warner came before you, that they may receive admonition [with such tales.]
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Quran 3: 44, which means:
(This [story of Mary, Zachariah and John] is [some] of tales of 'the Unknown' [to you] which We reveal c to you [Mohammed, eventhough it is not known by Christians, and it is not written in the Gospel];

and, surely, you were not with them when they cast their pencils [in the River Jordan, as a lot to see] which one of them may be assigned to take charge of Mary, and you were not with them when they disputed [concerning that.]

Quran 12: 102, about Prophet Joseph son of Jacob: Israel, which means:
(That is [some] of the tidings of the 'Unknown' which We reveal to you [Mohammed]; you even were not [present] with them when they [intended to kill him, neither were you with them when they] agreed upon their plan [to sell him to the Ishmaelites], [and] when they plotted [to cast him in the well.])

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