Danny Elfman: 'The Simpsons' is coming to an end

Danny Elfman: 'The Simpsons' is coming to an end
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November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019 1:33 PM EST
Danny Elfman Says The Simpsons May Be Coming To An End
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The composer behind The Simpsons’ iconic theme tune has claimed the popular cartoons series is coming to an end after 30 years.
Danny Elfman alleged the TV show will say goodbye to the town of Springfield and iconic family members Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie in upcoming months, in an interview with Irish publication Joe.
“From what I’ve heard, it is coming to an end,” he said when asked whether the show has had its heyday. “So, that argument will also come to an end.
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He added: “I don’t know for a fact, but I’ve heard that it will be in its last year.”
Elfman went on to confess he is surprised The Simpsons lasted three decades on air, sharing: “All I can say is that I’m so flabbergasted and amazed that it has lasted as long as it did.
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“Really, I expected it would run for three episodes and get cancelled, and that would be that, because it was so weird at the time, and I just didn’t think it had a chance,” he explained. “So believe me, that is one of the truly big surprises in my life.”
The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening and first premiered in 1989. It has since aired an impressive 670 episodes and boasted celebrities cameo appearances from stars including Seth Rogen, Chris Martin and Lady Gaga.
After Oingo Boingo I'm surprised Danny Elfman could find work.

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