Simon suspended for rest of season, playoffs

CBC News
Chris Simon of the New York Islanders received one of the stiffest suspensions in NHL history on Sunday for hitting the Rangers' Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick.

I'm not a very good Canadian. I don't watch hockey.
That was a wicked shot with intent to cause injury. Not quite as bad as Dave Forbes gouging out Henry Boucha's eye in Minnesota, but that's ice hockey for you.
Chris Simon incident:
Fox news analysis:
Guess that's what we thought it would be, so that could be the end of his career, as he is a free
agent at the end of this season, and I would doubt if the islanders or any other team will pick up
his contract.

He is a veteran player now, and although he is a "physical type, who plays that role on every team
he has been on", he also has some hockey talent, not like the rest of the goons, who are gone now,
when the "new" NHL came in.

just want to add, since I wrote this, I have seen the "whole" incident, and the hit that
was put on Simon, first, was hard, and he went into the boards very heavily, and seemed
a little stunned when he got up. Don't condone what he did, but it seems to me that the
incident is worth taking a look at, from start to finish.

So, after the fact, I'm happy that there was "No" serious injuries to the other guy, who is only a
fringe player, and plays a similar type game as Simon.

These types of incidents will crop up from time to time, so that's it now, till next one. It's such a
high intense, physical game, lots of adrenalin flowing, and once in awhile someone "snaps".
Human nature I guess.
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