Uncovering Atlantis...

Near spain... It seems like they've uncovered Atlantis...

Read the article on bbc..

Quite an interesting read, be nice to hear when theres more conclusive evidence of Atlantis..
American Voice
Wasn't Atlantis Minoan Crete, co-opted as an intellectual device by Plato? It was a matriarchal society, which he romanticized; in a manner not unlike the tyranny in Sparta was idealized in his Republic. The Minoan society was largely wiped out by the eruption of a caldera beneath the island of Thera, ca. 1450 B.C.
Reverend Blair
I've seen so many shows on Atlantis...seems that a new theory pops up every few years. At least two of them have featured concentric rings, I believe one of those was Crete, but don't remember for sure.

Is it possible that harbours with concentric rings were a not-uncommon defensive tactic at the time?
American Voice
I am basing my point of view on an undergraduate course in classical studies I took back in 1974. Dr. Tracey convinced me of these facts. Um, I have never heard of anything that would persuade me to believe otherwise. I'm not prone to be argumentative about it, but I am skeptical of superstition and fantasy regarding such things. May I be frank and ask why you feel impelled to believe in the possibility of something bordering on the supernatural, i.e., in some. . .I don't know what? I mean, everyone knows that the pyramids in Egypt are actually the exposed corners of enormous cubes buried in the sand by giant aliens, right? Can anyone prove otherwise?
Well, to be very honest, I really don't believe in anything that is being broadcasted these days... Aliens... Whatever... To be honest the myths that we know and the gods we know do not exist... It is the mere belief of people that has been created and passed on... We can't exactly say that it's a superstitious belief rather a story that has been passed on... Take realigion for an example.. We really don't have any evidence to prove it but we still believe it right? It's how you accept and think about it.. That's my opinion