Curse of the Vancouver Canucks; Dashing Tampa Bay's hopes

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By Glen Berls

June 1, 2004 (CC) - Fans in Calgary as well as across this great nation are cheering the Flames, Canada's team on to victory in the Stanley cup final. Sure it may be true that the Tampa Bay Lighting have more Canadians playing on their team then Calgary, but hey, the Flames are Canada's team right now. The Flames are the underdog low stars who have consistently outworked their opponents on their way to the pinnacle of Canadian (& North American) Hockey success.

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They might finally win! I was watching the game tonite, great great game. They WON!
By the way, this author of this article must be psychic!!!!
Although I was born and raised in Tampa FL (currently living in North Carolina), I would love to see Calgary take the cup home where it belongs. Game 6 tonight decides it all
Definately could decide it all! We'll see what comes of Game 6 -- and if we'll continue to game 7.. Either way, will be a great game
lets see how true the article is... i will be watching the game tonight and hoping for the best! i hope, though that calgary does not have two victories this year... one with stephen harper winning and two with calgary getting it.
looks like its a load of it!

NEVER LISTEN TO PEOPLE TRYING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was hoping that article was right

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