Brit compiles the ultimate Canadian vacation video, again

Chances are that British journalist James O'Malley has seen more of Canada and had more “Canadian” experiences than most people who live in Canada.

For the second time, he has posted a video where he travels around Canada and points at touristy "stuff" like famous buildings and iconic foods.

This time he spent a couple weeks in Quebec and Eastern Canada visiting Peggy's Cove, Hopewell Rocks, the world's largest potato, the world's largest axe and the Diefenbunker. He also ate a beaver tail, went on a maple syrup tour, looked at milk in a bag and bought a bat at Canadian Tire.

What I Did In Canada 2: Canada Harder - YouTube

Not bad for a two-week visit.

The trip was prompted by the success of his first video where he also pointed at “stuff” in Canada. It has more than 600,000 views. On that trip, he visited Toronto and northern Ontario during the winter and went snowmobiling, five-pin bowling, saw moose, polar bears, elk and buffalo, drove on an ice road and threw boiling water into the frigid air, watching it turn into a cloud of snow. O'Malley travelled to Canada the first time for three weeks in February to visit his girlfriend's family in Timmins, Ont. She insisted he see a Canadian winter.

"Before I landed here, Canada was more of an abstract idea than a place – somewhere that I'd only seen in films and on TV, mostly as a cheaper location double for somewhere in the United States," he wrote before his first trip.

He initially said he wanted to see an ice fishing hut and wrote, "Within hours of getting to Canada, s#!% got very real, very quickly – as I was standing in the middle of a frozen lake, next to an ice fishing hut."

After posting that video, a Reddit user commented that O'Malley missed a quintessential experience – eating poutine. So O'Malley ate some in the second video. He thanks the Canadian Tourism Commission "for making it happen."

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