Two 12-year-olds face assault charges following Winnipeg hockey brawl

Two 12-year-olds face assault charges following Winnipeg hockey brawl

The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, October 2, 2014 12:25PM EDT

WINNIPEG - Two 12-year-old hockey players are accused of assault with a weapon following an on-ice brawl in Winnipeg last season.
The fight broke out at the end of a game on Feb. 16 between Peewee teams from the Sagkeeng and Brokenhead Ojibwa First Nations.
Video of the fight, recorded by someone in the stands, shows players and coaches scuffling with each other and a referee.
At one point, a player is seen swinging his stick at the referee's head.
In April, one of the coaches was charged with assault.
Winnipeg police say the two players charged have been released pending their next court appearance.

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Odd, at about 10-11 I broke a kids arm during a hockey game on the ice but legal action wasnt considered at all as far as I know. It was intentional too. They threw me off the team but I was fine with that. I wasnt interested in playing organized sports anyway.
The do gooders and busy bodies are at it again. Yes there was a fight in a game
hockey is known for that, and it shall remain. In hockey to outlaw fighting means
any young fellow making his way to the NHL will not be equipped with the skills to
play. And yes fighting for a hockey policeman is a skill.
When fighting is removed or clamped down on there are other more serious injuries.
its been proven time and again. I remember doing play by play in the early seventies
in the BC Junior league and when the clamp down came the injuries from sticks
We have people who have little league games where the score isn't even kept anymore
unfortunate there is nothing to work for its shaping our society into a who cares attitude.
We wonder why there is no work ethic, its because no one has to compete for anything
including a job it should just come to you right?
Hockey brawls are part of the game and those who don't approve please go play chess
or something.
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A rite of passage goes by the wayside thanks to sissys. How the hell are boys supposed to come out as men?
We have a bunch of whiners who want to change all the rules and even the names
of the teams if it doesn't suit their fancy. I am sick of them and the greenies and the
dogooders who can't mind their own business. I fought too in a younger day I learned
it hurts when you get hit back so a eventually found different solutions.
This society is really on something, we're asking young men to perhaps go and fight
crazy people in the Middle East on one hand and at the same time we are going to
prosecute some kids for a fight in a hockey game. Soon we'll have now rules for
ping pong too. I had one person say the other day look at Gretzky ya look he couldn't
do his own fighting he hid behind the policemen on the team. He knew they were there.
Personally I think many of the rules are ruining the game If the goalie comes out of
the crease players should be allowed to hit him like any other player.
and the superstars should not be given any rules protection if they can't stand up to the
pounding of heavy checks double teaming and so on they ain't super stars,
Nobody did Bobby Orr's fighting and hitting for him he was a real player as opposed to
some of the players now. Where do they learn the digging bumping and grinding in the
corners? Same time they learn to fight on skates when their in the minor leagues.
Gretzky was actually a decent fighter that stood his ground just fine. His philosophy was you can't get goals from the penalty box so the other guys took the PMs.
this has to be dealt with severely and quickly, and the coach who seems to be a hot head should

be front and center, as it was he who has the responsibility over his players.

this is not a hockey fight in a game, it is an after the whistle situation, not acceptable, these young

players must be taught some self dicipline 'now'.

in the NHL fighting is going thru a slow transition, and in a few years down the road, there

will be stricter rules over fighting, and possibly it will move to the international and olympic

level, where players are thrown out of the game for fighting,

no, there won't be stick swinging brawls because fighting isn't allowed, as stick swinging has

been outlawed for years, and is severely dealt with at the nhl level now, and should be.

todays nhl is faster and contains much more talent than ever before in the game, And that is because

the knuckle draggers have been gradually put out of the game, as a player must have 'everything'

needed to play now, and not just a cement head and big muscles.

in the minor level it is easy to keep things 'sane', as the adults must also be mature and level

headed, so get rid of the hot heads as coaches, then deal with the players, so they can learn to

be 'first' good sportsman, and 'second' improve their talent in the game.

all levels of talent will find their place in the game, and those who have 'all' aspects of good

emotional and physical talents will go further than any players who can't hold their temper to a

level where it is acceptable in the game. it is a highly physical contact sport, and requires players

and coaches who fit into that atmosphere, and can ride the fine line between losing their mind,

and being highly competetive.

the coaches and players who go way over that line 'only' entertain the media and the block heads in

the stands who go to a game to see blood shed.
I love hockey. Swinging your stick at the head of a referee is not hockey.