2 Polygamist Women Dressed As Ninjas Face Serioius Charge

Sh!t just got real...I know this is serious, it's still kind of funny in a WTF sort of way.

Two polygamist women, dressed as ninjas, face charges in attack - Good4Utah.com

WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Two polygamist women, dressed as ninjas, are now facing charges for a bizarre attack last week.

Tylynn Southwick, 19, and Raven Blackwing, 22, were each charged with aggravated burglary, retaliation against a witness and aggravated assault.

Police say the two women were dressed as ninjas when they were caught breaking into a home in West Jordan.

After a scuffle with the home owners the two women were over powered and held until police arrived.

Prosecutors say the two women had a syringe with fluid in it an were targeting a female victim who was to testify in rape case against Kain Blackwing. Kain is the husband of Raven and the boyfriend of Tylynn.

"When they were able to take the mask off of one of the perpetrators one of the residents identified them as people in a separate court proceeding," said Sim Gill, Salt Lake District Attorney.

Police say the women had Formalin, a chemical used in hospitals to preserve tissues that is also strong enough that it could be used to knock someone out.

Authorities also say the women were armed with a taser gun.

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Two armed polygamist women dressed like ninjas were subdued by a sword-wielding man during a home invasion, according to police in suburban Utah.

Police said the two women, aged 18 and 22, were attacking the home of a witness and victim in a criminal child sex assault case against a man the women called their husband.

The women violently attacked one of the adult males in the house who came to see who was coming, Ian Adams of the West Jordan police department told the Guardian.

Another adult male joined the fray in defense of the first male victim. He was armed with a sword, and using a sword and with the other male [was] able to subdue the two women until police arrived and took them into custody.

The attack took place just before 4am on Friday. The child witness was home but was not involved in the incident, Adams said.

The two women are in custody at Salt Lake County Jail. Neither their names nor mugshots, nor the name of the husband, are being released, because to do so could identify the child victim.

Adams said: Theyre all related.

Another officer with West Jordan police said the sex assault complaint was against the victims uncle.

Two women clad in ninja costumes, armed with knives and stun guns, forced their way through the door. The family believes they were there to abduct a 15-year-old girl inside.

One of the men who subdued the women was interviewed by the local Fox 13 new station. I went to the bottom of the stairs and saw a couple of ninjas coming down, the man was quoted as saying. They were all dark gray or black, and they had black rubber gloves on and masks. All I could see was their eyes.

The women are both charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and witness tampering, all felonies. After the attack, Adams said, the two female suspects claimed to be the wives of the male whos sitting in custody on the child sex offenses.

Ive never seen anything like this in my career, said Adams. I have a feeling that as this investigation progresses well have more details. Its still kind of fresh.

Adams said he could not provide any further information about the type of sword that had been used to subdue the women.

West Jordan is a suburb of Salt Lake City, and is home to about 110,000 people, according to the US Census Bureau.

Plural marriage was practised in Utah by members of the Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, until the 1890s, when it was rejected by the church and banned by the state.

In August, an appeals court in Utah partially lifted the ban, allowing a man and a woman to marry and live with others they consider spouses, after a lawsuit by stars of the cable network show Sister Wives.

As Ninjas they certainly leave much to be desired. Their Kung-Fu was weak, as was their stealth.