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It’s obvious that the author can’t figure out what the problems are. How clueless to not see what’s happening to the country and the effect that that’s having on most people. It has to be Washington clueless.

Back in the day Star Trek had his episode about the cloud people and the ground people.


This dichotomy didn’t exist when Star Trek was being shown for the first time back in the 1960’s. Even in the creative and government areas of society there were enough well grounded people to keep things from going completely off the wall. Well that’s changed. See the Whole foods crowd for an example.

21 Reasons To Never Ever Step Inside A Whole Foods Again | RealClear

The typical Whole Food customer has no real contact with the people who work so hard to get that food to the store. They are insulated from their concerns . For the typical Whole Food customer, a terrible event is if their kid doesn’t get into the right school or the painters screw up the decorating before a party. The Whole Fooders just don’t get down far enough on Maslow’s pyramid to even begin to understand the consequences of the policies that they inflict on the rest of us.

Listening to then news channels or just regular TV and some other media you get the feeling that these people have no understanding about the things that are happening out in the middle of the country outside the enclaves of the cloud people. They can’t seem to connect with the fact that people are really hurting out there where the work that sustains everybody gets done. Ergo Trump.

The Cloud People’s Trump Problem | The Z Blog

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