The Green Party's coup against Brexit is sexist

Three years into Britain's political civil war over Brexit and the losing Remainers are coming up with all sorts of devious and weird and undemocratic tricks to win.

The latest idea, from the Green Party, is sexist...

Caroline Lucas's coup against the people

Her plan for an all-women cabinet to stop Brexit is sexist and anti-democratic.

Joanna Williams, Associate Editor
Monday 12th August 2019

The more Brexit seems like it might, just possibly, happen – perhaps by default rather than by design – the more desperate hardcore Remainers become in their efforts to stop it. Brexit Derangement Syndrome has by now well and truly transmogrified into the more aggressive Boris Derangement Syndrome. Every day brings forth apocalyptic predictions of what might happen if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, lectures from political has-beens, legal loopholes and new parliamentary wheezes to oust the government. It’s a sordid, anti-democratic and pathetic spectacle.

The winner in this week’s race to the bottom is surely Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas. Her plan for an all-women cabinet of national unity is as deranged and desperate as any dreamt up so far. As Lucas sees it, the current government is ‘a coup led by a small group of right-wing libertarians’ hell-bent on ‘the most extreme no-deal version of Brexit’ – or, just ‘Brexit’ as the less hysterical among us might describe it. In response, she concludes, ‘we need an “emergency cabinet” – not to fight a Brexit war but to work for reconciliation’. The irony of describing a cabinet formed by the democratically elected Conservative Party as a ‘coup’ while at the same time proposing to usurp it with her chums is clearly lost on Lucas.

Lucas thinks women are best placed to lead us out of what she sees as this ‘terrifying’ mess because ‘they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions’. So, she’s written to 10 women MPs from across the political spectrum inviting them to join her ‘to stop the dangerous pursuit of a crash-out Brexit’. Lucas wants only women in her emergency cabinet because, well, women are just so nice! It is well known that women are great at compromising, cooperating and reaching a consensus. Women are particularly good in a crisis when, unlike bickering men, we roll up our sleeves, reach out to opponents and get things sorted out in time for tea.

If a man were to make these claims he’d be publicly humiliated for his sexist, patronising and misogynistic attitudes. Yet Lucas thinks nothing of rehabilitating the corny old stereotypes that previous generations of feminists fought against. Women in politics have long challenged the idea that they are, by nature, primarily maternal, capable and caring. They wanted to be recognised as equal to men in every respect – this meant being as ambitious, determined and – yes – scheming and devious as any man. The UK’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, hardly had a reputation for being prepared to compromise. And it seems to have slipped Lucas’s notice that for the past three years we have had a government led by a woman. Theresa May’s Brexit plans were consensual only in the sense that almost everyone agreed they were utterly terrible.

Of course, Lucas doesn’t really think all women are living, breathing stereotypes. She doesn’t really want women from across the political spectrum in her fantasy cabinet – only certain women: those who think like her. Invites have been sent to Heidi Allen, Yvette Cooper, Justine Greening, Anna Soubry, Jo Swinson, Emily Thornberry and, bizarrely, given she’s not even an MP, Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon. Letters to Brexit-backers like Kate Hoey, Priti Patel, Andrea Leadsom, Lucy Allan or Suella Braverman are not likely to be forthcoming any time soon. It’s not women Lucas wants in her cabinet but women Remainers.

Lucas has a specific task in mind for her all-female team. She wants an immediate end to all talk of leaving the EU on 31 October and arrangements put in place for a second referendum ‘that allows the British people to decide which course they want to take’. This call for a ‘confirmatory vote’ is as disingenuous as playing the gender card. It would be far more honest of Lucas to say she wants to bring in women to revoke Article 50 altogether. Her plan for an emergency cabinet, the women she’s invited to participate and her call for a second referendum all reek of disdain for democracy. The Green Party Lucas represents in parliament has just one MP: her. It has no national mandate whatsoever. Yet, incredibly, Lucas is arrogant enough to propose herself as leader of her own self-appointed cabinet in order to override the decision taken by 17.4million Leave voters, including, let’s not forget, just under half of all the women who voted in the referendum.

Lucas may litter her article with references to democracy, but riding roughshod over the views of citizens is integral to the green agenda. The Green Party needs Britain to remain in the EU in order to pass the environmental legislation it wants to secure. Its members know that if they had to put their proposals before a national electorate they would never win support for them, no matter how much they talk of emergencies or hide behind Greta Thunberg. Lucas makes the link between Brexit and the environment explicit: she argues that in both cases ‘the same degree of cooperation is needed to confront what’s happening’. When Lucas talks of cooperation, what she means is rejecting democracy and bypassing the people in order for her and her pals to stitch things up between them and then impose their will on the rest of us.

There’s only one good thing that can be said of Lucas’s barmy proposal: it serves as a useful reminder, in case it were needed, as to why so many of us voted to leave the EU back in 2016, and are now determined not just to see Brexit happen but to shake up national democracy even more fundamentally.
The war on democracy must be diverse!

The woke left thinks the only problem with Caroline Lucas’s anti-democratic cabinet is that it was all-white.

Brendan O'Neill
12th August 2019

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas

To see what a dire, frightful, probably unfixable mess the British left is in, look no further than the debate over Caroline Lucas’s all-female cabinet to Stop Brexit. Lucas, the ostensibly leftish leader of the Green Party, proposed forming an entirely undemocratic ‘emergency cabinet’ made up of her and her exclusively female chums. Its job would be to trash the thing that 17.4million of us voted for – leaving the EU. And how did the woke left respond to Lucas’s lunacy? By pointing out that her proposed cabinet consisted entirely of white women! Yes, it wasn’t the fact that Lucas was essentially proposing a coup against democracy that got the woke lobby’s back up – it was that there were no black faces in her clique against the masses.

This is contemporary leftism summed up. It exposes the moral and intellectual rot of left identitarianism. To the woke brigade, everything is racial; everything is about skin colour; everything is reducible to the question: ‘Why so many whiteys?’ We now know that they even judge coups against the people’s will by their racial make-up. They couldn’t give a solitary shit that Lucas was suggesting the creation of an entirely aloof, unaccountable cabinet to do over the largest democratic vote in British history – they just wanted to know the melanin levels of those involved. That’s because they of course agree with Lucas that the pig-ignorant plebs who voted for Brexit must have their wishes overthrown by the far more enlightened political elite. They just want to ensure that the political elite that drives the knife into democracy’s back is diverse. You couldn’t have asked for better proof that the cult of diversity is nothing more than a gloss designed to make elitist power systems seem fresh and new.

No sooner had Lucas proposed her reactionary assault on the democratic will than the woke lot were saying, ‘Where are the black women? WHERE’S DIANE ABBOTT?’ Labour’s Clive Lewis, a shrill SJW masquerading as an MP, was early out of the blocks. ‘Where are the BAME women politicians?’, he asked. A Twitterstorm against Lucas ensued. And now Lucas has apologised. ‘I did not get this right’, she says. ‘An all-white list of women isn’t right.’ It is testament to the corrosive impact of identity politics on morality, politics and life in general that Lucas thinks her only mistake was to focus on having white women in her cabinet rather than the fact that, you know, she was proposing a monstrous assault on millions of voters, including millions of female voters.

Identity politics is increasingly the means through which the political class asserts its authority over the throng. Diversity never means diversity of opinion – hence, as Joanna Williams points out, not a single pro-Brexit female MP even got a look-in on Lucas’s fantasy cabinet. Diversity only means adding dashes of colour and gender to a political system which more than ever looks upon ordinary people with contempt. Identitarianism is the cover under which a new elite censors, demonises and even disenfranchises the general public. The takeaway message of the Lucas affair is that if Diane Abbott had been part of this dream / nightmare cabinet waging war on democracy, then the woke left would have been absolutely fine with it. What they mean is: ‘Yes, let’s crap all over the people. But let’s be multicultural while we do it.’

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