Researchers find bottom of Pacific getting colder, possibly due to Little Ice Age

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DipShit is dumber than the puck.

. . . . so is a 300 year water circulation, 1 year repeated 300 times and the undersea volcanoes start and stop at a rate that will be seem in the weather patterns.

Just more nonsense gobbledygook from Megahurtz the forum FOOL!
Not quite sure what 'a puck' is?? The rest of the post was for people that can think for themselves, HTFuk could you get the parts mixed up.

Never mind, that is why you are you in a nutshell. You need some self-control, you are embarrassing the ones you want to impress the most.
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Is that the Russian drill hole where they supposedly heard people burning in Hell? They even recorded the sounds.

They drilled right through to England?
Slant drilled right into the Tower of London, those Ruskies sure are devious, . . . . and good drillers.
Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice — Refugee Director Blames Global Warming

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, The lunacy of the American left has worked it’s way to Middle East war refugee camps. You. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Up. Unusually cold and snowy weather battered northeastern Lebanon recently affecting 250,000 Syrian refugees.
See the report here: