BC NDP/Green Alliance Are Dendrocidal Maniacs

Logging watchdog probes government agency over felled B.C. old-growth trees

Environmentalists allege government agency B.C. Timber Sales did not comply with provincial land use plans
Chad Pawson - CBC News

A provincial watchdog is investigating allegations that the government agency responsible for cutting timber on public land did not follow provincial rules to preserve old growth trees outside Port Alberni.

For the past year, the environmental group Ancient Forest Alliance has been chronicling the logging of massive trees, many hundreds of years old, on Vancouver Island, particularly the Nahmint Valley.

In June, the forest alliance complained to provincial officials about B.C. Timber Sales, the agency that regulates logging on public land. Now, the watchdog group, the Forest Practices Board, is heading to the area to review what was felled and conduct interviews, In May, the forest alliance discovered what it described as one of the biggest Douglas firs in Canada in the Nahmint, which is the territory of the Hupacasath and Tseshaht First Nations.

The tree, estimated to be 70 metres tall, three metres in diameter and possibly 800 years old was cut despite the alliance arguing it, along with others, should have been spared.

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When you thin a forest you take the old trees rather than the newest ones. Don't do it and a big fire will take it all including the animals.
Forest alliance is just another anti jobs group. They are always claiminf the logging companies are taking trees that they are not supposed to.
I'm not even against clear cuts if it is done in blocks that take 20 years to complete. The real money in forest management should be done at that point including HD access routes (different from 'all-weather'). 40 years until the next harvest.
Claim the forest is hurting the fish and makes the streams fish friendly after the clear cut is done. Tourist friendly paths would be easy to put in at that time even if they are never used by anybody but the critters that live there. In a sane world hemp could be harvested every year just from the ditches and have it bring in a good chunk of change. Profitable is not part of the business models running these days.
No money in Hemp, otherwise farmers would be growing it big time
Ever heard of DuPont? The list of products hemp can make makes their mouth water, they are in the oil business, consumption is about to take a nosedive which means the 'textile industry as we know it goes 'poof'. No money in a resource you don't wholly own. If smart meters had been available in Tesla's time AC would have been the choice.

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