What makes you a Canadian? (What Makes You Canadian)

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On another forum someone gave this answer and all I could say was ditto to it:

My family and friends, hearing and singing "O Canada" and seeing the flag, tolerance, diversity, the sheer size of the country, separation of church and state, hockey, news reportage, national self-deprecation, the Charter of Rights, Coffee Crisps, the land itself, personal security and safety, the medical system, even as wobbly as it sometimes gets, environmental laws, Stanley Park fries and tartar sauce, annual national poetry contests, Blue Rodeo, national pride, the Sea to Sky Highway, donuts, sportsmanship, Knorr's Oxtail soup, a willing spirit globally, Montreal, sense of humor, balanced world view, Nestle's Mandarin & Chocolate ice cream, my family's ranch, Calgary, pot, sense of space, the CBC (radio and tv), the little water taxi that I took to work on Granville Island, Wreck Beach, the Loonie & Twoonie, reasoned debate, HP sauce, fries and gravy, the accent (I now admit I have one), Miss Vickies Salt & Vinegar chips, correct spelling of words like neighbourhood & humour, level and knowledge of world history, less self-conscious of nudity and sex...which reminds me, Sue Johannson!, peacekeeping, WASHrooms (no-one knows what I'm talking about down here when I ask where it is), labor laws, Chapters book store, how wired Canada is, Old Dutch pickle chips, a proper Caesar cocktail WITH Clamato juice, English & French on everything, clean cities, the Queen....

Oh my God how can you forget the BEER
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The fact that i can call Stephen Harper a complete A-HOLE...and the secret police do not cart me off to a new lifestyle.
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The fact that i can call Stephen Harper a complete A-HOLE...and the secret police do not cart me off to a new lifestyle.

And I can call fatbasturd a fatbasturd without being jailed for a hate crime.
I wasn't born in Canada. I was born abroad. Lived there for 4 months and then traveled the world with my parents for a year and 4 months before coming to Canada. I had my permanent residence for Canada, a couple weeks after I was born.

I'm 16 right now and I came here three months before my 2nd birthday. The first season I expereinced here was winter and I love the winter,my birthday's in the winter. The first holiday I experienced here was Christmas and I love christmas. Of course I don't remember anything but looking at when I got here, these would be my firsts.

Hockey is my life. I play hockey, watch hockey and love hockey with all my life, just as much as I love this country. I've had no other home than this. I hate the country that I was born in and I hate that all my legal documents say that i'm born there because Canada is the country i've grown up in. I've grown up like a Canadian. (p.s maple syrup is friggen amazing!! ) I'm not legally a Canadian yet, but I still call my self one because I'd do anything for this country. I've grown up here. I've grown up singing the national anthem in both of our national languages.

I've been in this country for 14 years. English was my first language and i'm learning french right now ( my teacher said im getting natural, feel so darn smart XD) haha so I can some what communicate in it. Good enough to order stuff at a restaurant .
The way I feel towards this country, the fact that although I wasn't born here, but almost my whole life has been spent here and that I was brought up like a Canadian, isn't that enough to state that I truly am Canadian at heart? I know it's not legally, but either way, isn't being a canadian a part of who I am
Because one of my Passports say I'm Canadian.. guess that make me "Canadian"


Somebody beat Twila to a Narco Thread?? I'm shocked!!
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Somebody beat Twila to a Narco Thread?? I'm shocked!!

Me too. Do you not know the rules yet Boomer? It's always ladies first. Sheesh!

Now I have nothing to write about...oh ffs.
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Hi, here, just found this great site. I've been visiting other boards and have seen this question discussed recently. Just wondering what you all think ...

What makes me a Canadian is the nationality stated in my passport.

I have a feeling though that you might have intended to ask what makes me a patriot, so I'll answer that too. What makes me a patriot is love for my country, which I understand to be the earth, the citizens of which are mankind.

I could be wrong of course, and maybe what you really intended to ask was what I like about Canada; so I'll answer that question too. One of the things I like most about Canada are my friends and family and making new friends in Canada. Then again, friendship making new friends is generally what I like most about any country.

Getting back to the original question though, the nationality stated in my passport is what makes me Canadian.

Just to play devil's advocate, a little sarcasm, irony and humour:

I'm proud of Canada, the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers in the Boer wars, the courage of our government to write the Indian Act (on which South Africa built Apartheid) and establish the Indian Residential Schools System, and the writing of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Taking away the right of German and Ukrainian Canadians to send their children to school in their languages after WWI was another milestone in the building of our great nation. Japanese internment camps in BC and their forced dispersion east by popular demand in spite of the military's recommendations all for a few votes brings a tear to my eye. Discriminatory immigration policies in favour of British immigration until the 1960's was another wise contribution to the building of our great nation.

Book I of the B&B Commission and it's talk of two founding races is a piece of sophistry we can all be proud of along with the separate school system.

The forced displacement of indigenous peoples to the far north to defend Canadian interests during the cold war makes me proud of their sacrifice for our great country. I'm sure many Canadians would have wished for the same privilege.

Thinking about our wonderful history makes me wanna sing O Canada with love and pride in all of our wonderful accomplishments.
I have no ID that says I'm Canadian. It's all Provincial.
There are many things I was born in this country it has provided well for me.
I can choose to live the way I want without much of a tado about it.
I don't have to stand with my hand over my heart yet I can stand repsectfully
for the National Anthem.
It used to be I didn't have to mourn the loss of damn near everything or be
afraid of my own shadow.
Now of course we have an ongoing list like the stations of the cross at church.
9/11, is the leader now for mourning people got tired of Pear Harbor and there
is a list of crap to be mourned both here and south of the border.
Tissue companies should sponsor the events there are so many.

Now of course to be a good Canadian or American we must spend at least part
of the day looking for or promoting a hero.

Yes and Canadians have turned complaining into an art form we are the best at it
We can be thankful and complain at the same time its wonderful
Canada......that's what makes me Canadian.

This is my place and you all, you are my people.


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