Prince Charles, the Frog Prince

Prince Charles has launched an internet campaign to save the world's rainforests, backed by his two sons and a South American frog.

The three princes star in a 90 second video which was first aired at 6pm last night.

The video shows Charles, Wills and Harry together with the frog — one of the victims of the devastation of the rainforests — as all three join the appeal on behalf of The Prince’s Rainforests Project, which funded the campaign.

But the three princes aren't the only famous faces on the video.

The future King is a keen environmentalist. In 1990, he launched his own organic brand of food, Duchy Originals, the profits of which are donated to his various charities.

Prince Charles has even built a village - Poundbury in Dorset. It is built according to the principles of the Urban village movement.

He has also conducted lectures across the world in which he has given people his views on the environment.

The frog princes

Historic campaign ... Prince Charles

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The Sun

MEET the Frog Prince – and his two tadpoles.

Prince Charles was last night backed by sons William and Harry as he launched an extraordinary internet campaign to help save the world’s rainforests — with the help of a South American frog.

The three princes star in the 90-second video first aired online at 6pm last night. It is a startling first for the royals as they seek the backing of the internet generation.

The video shows Charles, Wills and Harry together with the frog — one of the victims of the devastation of the rainforests — as all three join the appeal on behalf of The Prince’s Rainforests Project, which funded the campaign.

Other famous names including Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, 007 star Daniel Craig, singer Joss Stone and even the Dalai Lama appear in the clip, alongside schoolchildren.

It is hoped the remarkable online campaign — expected to be aired by TV stations around the world — will encourage millions to sign up to show their support to save the rainforests.

To see pics of the campaign's star supporters, click on the slideshow below.

Support ... William and Harry

Experts warn nearly 250million acres are at risk from deforestation — at the rate of a football pitch-sized area every four seconds.

In a special message to Sun readers last night, the Prince said: “I would be delighted if Sun readers watched the film, shared it with friends and spread the word about the urgent need to save the world’s rainforests.”

In the video Harrison Ford calls himself “a friend of frogs” and comedian Robin Williams says he is “a frog translator”.

The Prince urges viewers: “We must act now. Future generations are depending on us.” The clip ends with an offbeat cameo from another famous amphibian, Kermit The Frog.

Kermit The Frog ... Muppet finale

The campaign was filmed by Blue State Digital, the firm which created President Barack Obama’s highly successful online election campaign.

The frog featured in the video, which will become the symbol of the global campaign, is an Argentine horned frog — also known as the Pacman frog.

It lives in the rainforests of South America, has a huge mouth and can give humans a painful bite.

The frog was filmed at London Zoo and then it was added digitally to the video clip by London-based graphics firm Framestore, who also created scenes of a giant polar bear in the hit movie The Golden Compass.

Briony Mathieson, head of communications for The Prince’s Rainforests Project, said yesterday: “There has been a long association between princes and frogs. The Prince loved the idea and thought it would promote awareness.”


And the celebrities involved said they were delighted to join the cause.

Harrison Ford said: “What happens in the rainforest has an immediate and powerful effect on our lives. The air we breathe, the clean water that’s required, the services that ecosystems provide are beyond value.

“It is our moral responsibility to protect the environment, to save what we can of the planet’s resources for future generations and our children.”

And Robin Williams added: “The rainforest needs us and, much more important, we need it.”

Prince Charles added: “Our aim, with your help, is to build an online community to call, from the bottom up, for urgent action to protect the rainforests, without which we will most certainly lose the battle against catastrophic climate change.”
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Environment Editor

THE fairy tale of The Frog Prince was first published 200 years ago by the Brothers Grimm – but in the original story the frog was not kissed by the princess.

Instead, she hurls the reptile against a wall in disgust.

The force of the blow reverses the witch’s spell and transforms the frog back into a prince.

Strangely, we are witnessing our own royal transformation. Prince Charles, once considered stuffy and out of touch, is rapidly changing into one of the few people capable of the dynamic leadership needed to help us conquer global warming.

In taking his campaign online he is showing some of the pioneering zest a 21st Century monarchy needs – along with a glimpse of the mischievous sense of humour he shares with his boys.

But there is a very serious side, too. Just two months ago I stood with the Prince by the Amazon and saw the devastation being wreaked across the rainforest by logging and through crops such as sugar and soy.

Illegal soy feeds cattle which are later sent to Britain as beef, just as Indonesian rainforest is burned to grow palm oil to help make the crisps, chocolate and dozens of other products on our supermarket shelves.

Signing up to the Prince’s campaign is one of the simplest ways we can all send a message to the world’s leaders to stop the logging now.

Without combined people power, change will be slow – but urgent action CAN give us a brighter future.

That might not sound like Happily Ever After but it will be considerably better than plain old Grimm.

SIGN up to support Prince Charles’ campaign at or text SOSsun and your email address to 60777. Standard network charges apply. We cannot accept SMS sign-ups from children under the age of 12.
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