How does your family tolerate your manic cycles

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How does your family tolerate your manic cycles?

Not sure why there is so much traffic. I do know why the pic was looking in that direction, behind is Hwy666, 90 miles and it just ends.
When you used the term 'lesser races' a few days ago would coming from this sort of setting qualify even though everybody is white if your aren't an Indian.

More horses than there are dogs and cats combined, the ones that eat lots of hay and a bit of grain

I would not argue that it is a collective as the nearest city is full of people that 'are strange' starting with 'born on the wrong side of the tracks' mentality which is the same as a Muslim coming onto this site.

You are not in a position to judge who I am when any/all references to 'your collective' is meant with nothing but hostility and it is easily put in place and it is for a lifetime. Well fuk you and the collective you rode in on.
Your family is a lot easier to mock than mine because first of all I feed myself rather than any of them feed me.

By Jill Jacobs

Rabbi Jill Jacobs is the executive director of T'ruah, which mobilizes 2,000 rabbis and their communities to protect human rights in North America, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.
May 18

People who pay special attention to Israeli policy are not necessarily anti-Semites: Human rights activists and organizations almost always choose a focus for their efforts. (One may reasonably work to end the genocide of the Rohingya community in Burma, for instance, without simultaneously addressing Bashar al-Assad’s slaughter of his people in Syria.) Israel attracts additional scrutiny because it is a top recipient of U.S. foreign aid and the only Western nation currently carrying out a military occupation of another people. Its territory is sacred to three major world religions. The existence of a strong U.S.-based lobby dedicated to promoting the policies of the Israeli government unsurprisingly generates a counterresponse. And Palestinians have built a national movement over the past five decades, unlike more recently displaced people. These trends shape a legitimate political dynamic.
(in part)

There was no slaughter, a lie is introduced to make the crime Israel committed less damning. Israel sniping journalists is a non issue while the KSA issue is going to be on the front page for awhile.

'Human rights' and 'occupied' is a contradiction in terms. Life on the Rez is not the same as not living on the Rez.

Why do 'the good guys' need to be 'above the law'? You ask all sorts of stupid questions but never reply to a real question with anything but a troll post, if you want me to become envious of that I can assure you it will never happen so make whatever changes you have to accept it.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Likud MK Miki Zohar to shelve a controversial amendment that could have helped Netanyahu avoid prosecution, after an outcry from the opposition.

The current law requires a vote in the Knesset in order for an MK to use his parliamentary immunity. Zohar’s amendment would make immunity automatic, and would require a vote for an indictment to be permitted.
(in part)
The Dilemma of Jewish Privilege
Anti-Semitism both on the left and right is getting in the way of Jews coming to terms with their own racism.
Black Jews Are Being Chased Out Of the Jewish Community By Racism. Here Are Their Stories.
She's cute, I wouldn't report her for assault would you MHZ?
The one just above is a guy. Do all Blacks look the same to you??

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