brand new meaning to the word..."gobbledygook"

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You sure give brand new meaning to the word..."gobbledygook"

You seem have had a lot of experience with that term in the past have you as it is not your new word of the day.

Were any of them, . . . you know, . . . part of a collective or religious cult that has lost their way??

You should have an hose shoved up your ass and pressured up till you launch like a bottle Rocket. Is that clear now? I can probably improve it with a 'animated gif' but that would mean you have the mine of an infant.

How is the "collective" in your head these days?
How many voices do you hear?
Still sniffing sewer gas?
So many it sounds like a choir.
Are you posting self-harm advice on the internet to people you consider to be emotionally unstable?