Do any Canadian phones use SIM cards?

Hi all,

I am hoping somebody out there can help me - I have looked at the websites of all Canadian mobile phone companies I can find but their websites haven't been of any help.
I am coming to Canada for a couple of months and I want to buy a local prepaid SIM card (do you guys even have those over there?) to plug into my iPhone so I don't have to pay the horrendous roaming charges.
Ideally I'd like to find a Canadiuan company that sells prepaid SIM cards and buy one online and get it sent to me before I even leave for Canada.
Any help/info would be much appreciated. Cheers, Patrick
Ron in Regina
Sorry but I don't have the knowledge base to help you here, but others

Some clues might help, like where are you coming from, etc....?
Our German friends that come to B.C. get a sim card from Rogers. Can buy it with a credit card. Their web site is piss poor unless you are looking to buy a phone with a contract. Anything else requires hunting.
That was fast...thanks!

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