By merging our "security" measures with Canada and Mexico, it will serve as a huge stepping stone to planned unification in all other areas with those two countries as a "North American Union."


Although this is American legistlation, it will affect the USA Canada relations and border agreements.
So, we as Canadians cannot oppose this legistlation.

Still, our government will adapt to it sooner or later, so it is best to keep abreast of its progress.

The real threat is that Canada is being integrated with the USA. As time goes by in the new millenium, Canadians are showing more and more willingness to DIS-ASSOCIATE ourselves from the USA. We do not share their values of torture,global wars, invading soveriegn nations without an invitation, and other foriegn policy crimes.

So, we certainly don't want to become more integrated with them. Not now, and not until they demonstrate a conncetion to their stated values and their actual performance. Canada believes in democracy, and America has lost its democratic charachter under the Bush administration. We cannot risk closer association with them or we will lose ours also.

from link above:

The North American Security Cooperative Act is touted as a bill to protect the American public from terrorists by creating the North American Union. The North American Union consists of three countries, U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with open borders, something that is proposed to be in effect by 2010. Thus, it would ensure the fulfillment of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. See: http://www.spp.gov/spp/factsheet.asp?dName=fact_sheets.