Whatever happened to.......

Whatever happened to Tammy Faye? or is it Fay...anyways, I saw her name mentioned with another post. What about the woman who was so fanatical about the gays? Anita - where is she now, is she still alive.

What other famous woman or man....where do they go to, when they have lost their 15 minutes?
This woman? http://www.thewb.com/Faces/CastBio/0...%7C%7C,00.html
ya well you remind me of tammy faye baker galaniomama without makeup same brain tho :P
yeah, well since i gave up the 'big lashes' for the gumboots, my life has been totally different. you - on the other hand, are more and more like jimmy every day.
yes...how true...I have noticed that you can start crying your head off at the drop of a hat :P why the mention of tammy faye...you are still not trying to get back that money you sent them are ya?
nah, i gave up on that a long time ago, now i'm just trying to get back to nature. or something like that. i guess. sigh.
Hey cheer up little racoon :P halloween's coming for one night we get to really perform and act up, and nobody gonna know its us got the capemobile ready? Hey...I gotta a 1/2 bottle of tequila you can drink, left her by norma....who is now in whitehorse......the women should not drink tequila....I have no idea what or how she got to whitehorse
Rick van Opbergen
tammy faye ... I saw her on the surreal life ... she's quite funny ...
ya insanity is alway funny when its real :P
Diamond Sun
Oh God, I saw Tammy Faye on Surreal life. With Ron Jeremy. That was just disturbing!

What happened to that Computer Pepsi guy from the commercials?

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