Incorrect voter cards sent out

Voters in Yukon, B.C., and Saskatchewan say mistakes were made about polling station locations by the body that runs elections in this country. Elections Canada says more than 300 people in Yukon will be receiving new cards.

Incorrect voter information cards sent out to hundreds of Canadians - Politics - CBC News
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Of course....Harper micro manages elections Canada,,,
So it's his fault huh?
Lol @ cbc and their little paint .jpg.
lone wolf
It's not just there. I have one that puts me in a different riding - despite having been registered and voting in this one for nine years. It's just the calibre of government "workers"
on which side of Markstay was the Sudbury/ Nickelbelt line before?
pierre la poutine strikes again!!!!!
lone wolf
Same place it's been all the time I've lived here. Sudbury/Nickel Belt line is around Garson-Coniston Road - as prescribed by 2003 boundary change

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