Gun Control is Completely Useless.

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THERE IS a good reason for calling them what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals have turned our ENTIRE SOCIETY into a civilization of LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All seeking govt gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Consider the kind of crap Toronto Housing Authority routinely spews:

Here is an article illustrating the ugly arrogance of Toronto Community Housing Corp Grand Poobahs!!!!!!!!!!!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

TCHC sitting on 3,628 vacant units amid cries for more affordable housing.

By Sue-Ann Levy.

Published: November 3, 2018. Updated: November 3, 2018 6:16 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

A TCHC home with 11 units at 237 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, Ont. on Monday October 29, 2018. It has been sitting vacant for 2 years. Ernest Doroszuk/Toronto Sun/Postmedia

For two years, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) tenant Murray Bevan has watched the home behind him sit vacant while the homeless and drug-addicted that frequent the area loiter in the alleyway beside his Sherbourne and Dundas building.

The 11-unit home at 237 Sherbourne St., he says, is part of their high-rise property but since it got destroyed by the drug-addicted, it has essentially sat empty.

(And of course this is the same problem that afflicts HUNDREDS of properties- most of them smaller and older buildings- and quite frequently single family dwellings! TCHC does not have the cash to bring the structures back to a habitable state! And yet they still have to PAY for the structures- grass must be cut, sidewalks plowed, security people must come around and do their best to keep the places closed up and prevent squatters and addicts from taking over, and there are also scrap dealers who would happily strip out copper pipe and wiring if the buildings were not secured!)

(TCHC cannot afford to repair hundreds of derelict units- and the city is bankrupt as well- but TCHC DOES HAVE great gobs of gravy to give out as “performance bonuses” to their grand poobahs -even as the unpaid rents owed by drug dealers and hookers increases steadily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(TCHC cannot repair its slums, cannot collect on rents owed and CLAIMS it cannot evict cheating thugs- but bonuses are NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(AS former mayor Rob Ford PROVED- if TCHC could be forced to sell some of the derelict single family dwellings then there would be cash freed up and available for repairs to multi unit TCHC buildings that ARE STILL SALVAGEABLE!!!!! Such action is a MULTI WIN!)

(Selling derelict single family dwellings eases TCHC costs for their basic security and rough maintenance! It provides repair money for other structures! And once the sold off properties are nicely renovated- generating jobs as the work is being done- they then become real estate tax generators for the city! How could this be bad? Unless you are a pig headed LIE-beral or union HOG??????????)

When he’s asked TCHC brass why the house is just sitting there vacant, he’s been variously told that an agency is taking it over or that there’s no money for capital repairs.

Indeed TCHC spokesman Bruce Malloch confirmed this past week that 237 Sherbourne was vacated for “safety reasons” and is “currently being held for major capital repairs.”

(WE do know that some city owned buildings were at one time planned to be handed over to a native charity group- but of course that deal probably fell onto the back burner due to natives not being able to find govt grants to pay for the work to make the buildings habitable! So the buildings sit empty and rotting and waiting for a change of govt or for a wrecking ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“The whole thing is disgusting to me,” says the feisty Bevan, 77. “It’s not just the people across the street (from me) but also the waiting list TCHC has for people (needing housing).”

(It provides “make work” for union Hogs- cutting the grass and shoveling snow !!)

I spoke to Bevan in the aftermath of newly re-elected Mayor John Tory’s first announcement that he intends to take “immediate action on affordable housing” in his first 100 days of the new term.

In his statement, Tory indicated he’s asked city staff to bring forward 10 sites — surplus city land — where affordable housing can be built and has requested the Chief Transformation Office to report on how red tape can be cut to speed up construction - the latter will be interesting considering we’ve heard virtually nothing from said chief transformation officer Michael Kolm, since he was hired 18 months ago at $130,058 to, er, transform Toronto City Hall.

(Perhaps Transformation Officer Kolm is trying to organize a seance to raise the shade of Rob Ford- the last major player to light a fire under TCHC? Certainly nothing less than dire threats will work on ENTRENCHED CITY HOGS!!!!!!!!!!)

(Some people will recall that right after Jackass John Tory was first elected to Silly Hall- he ended up in huge public outrage after he heard of the grand performance bonuses TCHC staff gave themselves! But that was 4 years ago and since then - Jackass John has learned to keep his mouth shut when city hall Hogs start splashing gravy at each other!)

Bevan feels much more could be done to house the homeless with what the city already has.

Which brings me to TCHC’s other vacant units.

It seems since I first wrote about this in March of 2017, the number of vacant TCHC units has actually increased!

(Well yes! Leaking roofs, corroded plumbing, fried electrical systems- all this means units get unhealthy to live in as the buildings decay! I recall going into a 26 story building on Redpath Ave a couple of decades back and the ENTIRE TOP FLOOR was vacant- nothing but puddles of water, mould, fallen plaster and rot! If you never fix anything then eventually it becomes UNUSEABLE!!!!!!)

In late March of 2017 3,540 TCHC units were sitting vacant while 177,000 people waited for subsidized housing in Toronto.

The tally of vacant units as of Sept. 30 of this year was 3,628, an increase of 2%.

(And LIE-berals will not wish to discuss how many of those seeking our not so affordable housing are illegals! Nor will city Hogs wish to discuss the 150 plus town house units demolished in the Jane finch area in summer 2018 after it became obvious that they were too rotted to salvage!!!!!!!!)

This is despite a call by Tory in March of 2017 for reports from Paul Raftis, the city’s general manager of shelter, support and housing and then TCHC CEO Greg Spearn to get the problem fixed. The reports ensued, along with plenty of excuses.

(The key problem at every turn is cash- and the lack of it!)

There was also much well-deserved hue and cry at the time from board member Vince Gasparro — who seemed to avoid the whole TCHC mess while he was co-chairman of Tory’s recent re-election campaign.

(NO wonder! NOBODY wants to discuss govt problems that CANNOT BE FIXED due to HOG GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(It is the CONSTANT PROBLEM- the city can afford EITHER to fix things or to supply Hogs with more gravy and gravy is needed to BUY HOG VOTES! So nothing ever gets fixed because buying votes is the priority!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The one thing that has changed under CEO Kathy Milsom and the current board is TCHC’s transparency, and not for the better.

Until the fall of 2017, detailed statistics — outlining the breakdown of rentable and non-rentable units -plus the reasons — were provided every month as part of the publicly issued president’s report.

That stopped this year, forcing a recent back-and-forth game with TCHC to acquire the same statistics provided freely a year ago.

Perhaps that’s because the vacant unit situation is still a mess.

(WE may guess that the number of unrentable units is increasing along with water damage from leaking everything- roofs, windows, plumbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Two points about the rentable units stand out in particular.

In March of 2017, Gasparro was particularly upset with the number of market units sitting vacant–189 at the time– because they subsidize the rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units.

That has been whittled down to 107, although the number was much lower in August at 89.

The other major concern was the number of bachelor and one bedroom apartments sitting vacant — ones that could easily house the many hard core homeless now using respite shelters — and the unwieldy offer process to get people to take units.

(And WHY is the offer process so UNWIELDY? Could it be that most of the homeless are unfit for polite society due to drug and alcohol addictions or to untreated mental health issues! Are TCHC staffers quietly telling their political masters that “yes- we could let the homeless move in- but we would just have to evict them for disgusting behaviour that annoys other tenants - literally before they even got unpacked”?)

In the most current statistics provided by TCHC’s Malloch, some 729 or 59% of the 1,222 rentable vacant units are either bachelors or one-bedrooms.

Malloch also noted that 626 of the 1,222 rentable vacant units are “undergoing turnover” — either leased or on offer to an applicant. Asked how many are on offer at present time, he said “roughly one-third.”


March 2017

Total number of vacant units: 3,540
Number rentable: 1,590
Number non-rentable: 1,950
Includes: 326 boarded up (out of service); 1,405 units held for operational purposes and 219 units held for relocation purposes.

September 2018

Total number of vacant units: 3,628
Number rentable: 1,222
Number non-rentable: 2,406
Includes: 1,172 being held for redevelopment (either demolished or in the process of being demolished), 326 boarded up, 323 held for relocation purposes and 188 units held for community programming or for use by TCHC staff (for equipment storage or as a live-in space.)

Source: Toronto Community Housing

— Sue-Ann Levy
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Voluntary self destruction is not a reason to destroy individual rights.
Guess what?
Actions have consequences.
Sticking a pistol in your mouth and trying to pull the trigger twice has dramatic consequences.
So don't do it.

Please note that they are implying that the US needs locked storage laws to prevent youth suicide, yet Canada never experienced any improved youth suicide trends when we passed locked storage laws.

In my opinion, this is a classic 'feel good' law where no one bothered to check if it had positive results in Canada.
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Please note that they are implying that the US needs locked storage laws to prevent youth suicide, yet Canada never experienced any improved youth suicide trends when we passed locked storage laws.

In my opinion, this is a classic 'feel good' law where no one bothered to check if it had positive results in Canada.

POOR stupid Bondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His love of gravy dispensing LIE-berals is conflicting with his hatred of anti hunting LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Conditions in United States are very much different than in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

And Yankees WOULD benefit from laws that keep firearms locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consider this wedding from HELL:::::::::::::::

Here is another article illustrating the utterly insane working conditions that cops must now deal with. Along with some comments of my own in brackets):

Pistol-packing bride arrested for pointing gun at groom.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. First posted: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 11:58 AM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 12:02 PM EDT

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — A Tennessee bride was arrested hours after saying “I do” when authorities say she pointed a gun at her groom.

Murfreesboro police Sgt. Kyle Evans told WTVF-TV on Monday that 25-year-old Kate Elizabeth Prichard was still in her wedding dress when she was arrested on an aggravated domestic assault charge.

(Gee-times have changed- used to be it was a garter the bride had strapped to her thigh? And WHO takes a gun to a wedding anyway?)

Evans says officers responded to a report of Prichard and her husband arguing at a Clarion Inn motel a few hours after they were married. Police say witnesses reported that Prichard pulled a 9 mm pistol out of her dress, pointed it at her husband’s head and pulled the trigger.

The gun wasn’t loaded. Police say Prichard then loaded a round in the chamber and fired a shot in the air.

It’s unclear if Prichard has an attorney.

(Yeah- I bet there is a whole LOT that is unclear with Prichard! But her behaviour illustrates yet again how dangerous it is for a cop to interact with the often drugged, frequently drunk and often mentally ill public!)
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Please note that they are implying that the US needs locked storage laws to prevent youth suicide, yet Canada never experienced any improved youth suicide trends when we passed locked storage laws.

In my opinion, this is a classic 'feel good' law where no one bothered to check if it had positive results in Canada.

Yeah, obviously..........but the advertised point of safe storage laws in Canada at the time of their introduction was to prevent theft.

That they have done, to some extent.

The unspoken reason was to prevent armed self defense.

That they also achieved to some extent.......unfortunately.