Wolfowitz Zionist liar and neo-con War Criminal


Corporate Media Focuses On Wolfowitz’s Girlfriend, Not his World-Class War Crimes

Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire

April 13, 2007

Leave it to the corporate media to make a big deal out of Paul Wolfowitz’s shameless promotion of his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, while ignoring the larger story—the fait accompli fusion of neoliberal and neocon policies at the World Bank and the IMF.
"The neolib-neocon fusion is personified by Wolfowitz, close ally of the exceptionally corrupt, brutal Indonesian dictator Suharto during the 1980s and more recently, as deputy Pentagon leader, architect of and apologist for imperial theft and US corporate patronage associated with the illegal Iraq War," writes Patrick Bond.
In fact, appointing the warmonger Wolfowitz to head up the World Bank was a studied choice—sort of like appointing a wolf to watch over a chicken coop—as the "relationship between globalization and militarism," as Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey note, "should be seen as two sides of the same coin. On one side, globalization promotes the conditions that lead to unrest, inequality, conflict, and, ultimately, war. On the other side, globalization fuels the means to wage war by protecting and promoting the military industries needed to produce sophisticated weaponry. This weaponry, in turn, is used or is threatened to be used to protect the investments of transnational corporations and their shareholders."
Of course, we can’t expect the corporate media to shine an investigative light on such things, lest they be tagged Marxists, never mind truth. Instead, we can expect the media to play up the tawdry side of the Wolfowitz story, as the idea is to sell the sordid side of things, from Britney to Paris and beyond, for as the neolib Milton Friedman would likely declare if he was still around, the essence of democracy consists of government policies that ensure profit-making while restricting "political debate to minor issues," as Robert McChesney once put it. Indeed, these days, we don’t even get minor issues, as the corporate media concentrates on what should rightly be considered at best back page ephemera—the racist comments of a grumpish buffoon, Don Imus, and the seemingly never ending deluge of nonsense about American Idol contestants.
Meanwhile, thanks to Wolfowitz and his co-conspirators, nearly 700,000 Iraqis are dead and countless thousands more will ultimately die horrible deaths from various cancers as a direct result of depleted uranium and other military toxins delivered along with a heaping dose of "democracy," neocon-style.
According to the UK Telegraph, the "affair is particularly embarrassing for Mr. Wolfowitz as one of his key campaigns at the World Bank has been to root out corruption and poor governance in developing countries."
Obviously, the editors and careerist scriveners over at the Telegraph are simply doing their job, that is to say obfuscating the truth at the behest of the neolibs, who as vampires cannot stand the light of day, because the real job of the World Bank is putting the screws to corrupt leaders in the third world, privatizing assets—minerals, water, lumber, hospitals, roads, whole civilian infrastructures, and the future of millions of people, destined to end up as indentured zeks on the global slave labor plantation—and transferring wholesale wealth to bankers and "investors," actually little more than unconscionable loan sharks and sociopaths. Meanwhile, we are told the "mission" of the World Bank is to "reduce poverty," a cruel and perverted joke at best. Again, the "mission" of the World Bank and the IMF is to impose "austerity measures, "structural adjustment," and "macroeconomic reform" on poor nations, that is to say easy marks for predators.
No doubt Mr. Wolfowitz is an embarrassment, as the neocon track record is Mafia-like corruption, and it should come as no surprise this natural inclination manifests itself in the conduct of their personal lives. Paul Wolfowitz will undoubtedly be shown the door, not that he will suffer consequence. Wolfowitz will likely retire to the university, not unlike his former co-conspirator, Douglas Feith over at Georgetown, and write his memoirs on the side. In America, we shower our high place criminals with favor.
In a perfect world, or one far more perfect than Bushzarro world, Paul Wolfowitz and his war crime accomplices would be made to do the perp walk in orange jumpsuits as they wend their way toward the gallows, as Hermann Göring, Wilhelm Keitel, Fritz Sauckel, Julius Streicher, and other Nazi plenipotentiaries did before them.

Oh DB, you're always such a Negative Nellie!

Wolfie was promoting a Muslim! Sure, it may have been his girlfriend, but we should commend him even more so since it shows that he doesn't discriminate whom he sleeps with!

Well done, Wolfie! You're doing a good job!
Db, your prose-impaired contributions are almost as difficult to wade through as China's. Post something from people who know how to write. We might then think they can think.
L Gilbert
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had difficulties decyphering that bit.
L Gilbert
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Something else to go on the "endangered species" list - clarity.
Quote: Originally Posted by tamarin View Post

Db, your prose-impaired contributions are almost as difficult to wade through as China's. Post something from people who know how to write. We might then think they can think.

Yeah, but, even if the prose is perfect, that far end of the political spectrum is nearly impossible to decipher anyways...
L Gilbert
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Good point, Mr. Bull.
Free Thinker
Just another dude protecting national interests under the guise of yet another institution. can't blame him though, how's he supposed to 'get' some now?

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