I am 15 and im thinking about getting a tattoo, i know everyone thinks im too young but i am really close to my grandma and ever since i was little ppl said that she always had my i was think about getting a rose with her name underneath"Rose" on my shoulder lol.......wat do u guys think?
I would wait 10 years to see if the feeling to do so still persists. That's what I did. As a result, I don't have 'mom' tattooed on my ass.
Dexter Sinister
Well Chelsey, I'll tell you what I told my daughter at the same age when this question came up. First, consider a tattoo as a permanent change in your appearance. You may feel differently about it someday, so if you decide to get one, be sure it's some place that you can easily hide under your clothes. Second, tattoos sometimes degrade over time. A lovely rose on your shoulder may turn into a shapeless blob in a few decades, another reason to position it so it can be easily hidden. Third, tattooing hurts. Fourth, there are no legal regulations in place in most jurisdictions about things like standards of hygiene and care for tattoo artists, so there's always at least a small risk of picking up some nasty infection.

None of those are reasons not to get a tattoo, they're just reasons to choose carefully what to get engraved on your body, where to put it, and who's to do it. Since you're wanting to honour your grandmother with this, though, I'd suggest you ask her what she thinks of it. There's probably something she'd like better.
Dexter Sinister
And just to tie up any possible loose ends, yes my daughter has a tattoo. She has a Latin phrase meaning "by strength and virtue" tattooed on her back approximately over her right kidney. She didn't get it until she was 19, but that's only because I refused to pay for it, so she had to be old enough to get a job and pay for it herself.
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