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Yesterday, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean , C.C. , C.M.M. , C.O.M. , C.D. , the Governor General of Canada — whom herself comes from a past where abuse was a constant threat — addressed a reception organized by the Immigrant Women Services of Canada in relation to the progress that remains to be made in relation to immigrant women in Canada, the abuses that continue to be committed against them, and the need to stand together in solidarity.

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Her Excellency the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean[/color], C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.,]Can we ever forget that immigrant women who are living with violence and abuse, particularly those who do not speak English or French, those who may not yet have an official status or who are being sponsored, are especially vulnerable? The fear and shame they feel are amplified many times over by their language and cultural isolation. Many of these women feel “blind and deaf.” They feel as though others see them as inferior, as though they were invisible.

The solitude that closes in around them is the worst kind of prison. It drives women who are already so very fragile to silence and suffering. I know full well the effort it takes for them to keep from giving in to despair. These women are survivors. They have extraordinary courage and endurance. And today, I want to pay tribute to them.

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"Immigrant Women Services of Canada"

Ya, Ok. whatever...I give up.
So what you don't think immigrants deserve the same rights and such as the people of Canada.
Jay — did I say something wrong?

It was a touching speech, one I thought was worth sharing. I strongly recommend reading the entire message, she conveys a powerful message to Canadians and non-Canadians alike, living within the borders of our nation. If only our Members of Parliament had such eloquent and passionate ways of presenting their views to us, eh?
im not sure what ya want us to say about this kind of post

to me the see kind of programs are wonderfull- seriously--

lets spend more on this kind of thing and a little less on pretending we can be some kind of military power---that is a pure waste
That was a beautiful speech. *Thumbs up. *
I really like this Gov. Gen. She is shedding light and compassion on situations that have far too long been shrouded in beaurocratic double speak. I loved her acceptance speech, and the fact that she intends to use her position to effect some serious attention towards matters that ... MATTER. She's humanizing so many issues and by the stature of her position, she opens the door for us all to take her lead. She speaks volumes about who we, as Canadians say we are, and who we want to be. At a time when I don't feel that my elected leaders represent who I am, what I believe - as a woman, a mother, or a citizen of Canada and the world. This woman takes up the slack beautifully! I think we'll have alot to thank her for as a nation and a society before she's done. Stepping out of the box like that takes a fat whack of courage, imo, and I for one applaud the grace and dignity that she does it with. I hope time will show that perseverence and determination are also some of her qualities...
I think this is an important service. Too many new immigrants, women in particular, are not aware of their rights. It's especially the case if they don't yet speak English or French. I used to volunteer teaching english classes at immigrant services in my hometown and we passed out pamphlets in several languages that included the fact that your husband is not allowed to beat you in Canada.
Great article Five, I agree with you Tracy it would really help the females deal with culture issues and isolation feeling alone can be a prison.