We're flying out tomorrow!

:P :P :P We are flying out at 12.20pm (GMT) tomorrow- arrive in Vancouver at 2.40pm your time. Hoorah- it is finally here.

Seeing Peapod and others a week tomorrow, which we are really looking forward to.

All packed up and ready to go.

See you soon Canada.

emma dibbs....come on over :P
Reverend Blair

We are flying out at 12.20pm

If your arms get tired you stop here for a beer.
I will probably get pretty tired...not from the flying!! Haha...very funny. But from the 16 month old child I will br trying to entertain for 10 hours!!

Maybe I'll ask them to make a stop in Winnipeg! Either that or I'll ask them to bring me a drink when I'm flying over!!! Wine...not beer...only do beer when I get a challenge to down a pint in one..and only if that wins me another drink!!

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