What school system for Ontario?

View Poll Results: What kind of school system would you prefer for Ontario?
Number 1 in the OP. 1 25.00%
Number 2 in the OP. 1 25.00%
Some other option. 2 50.00%
Voters: 4. You may not vote on this poll

I'd e curious about your thoughts on your preferred school system for Ontario:

1. One that makes all religions equal, such as the unified school system proposed by the Green Party, or a Swedish-style voucher programme, or some other kind of system that would put all religions on a more equal footing.

2. A system that privileges one religious community over all the others, such as Ontario's current Separate school system.
It should stay the way it is. If you recall the last provincial election, John Tory quickly vanquished any chances of winning after making funding of religious schools one of his election points.
To avoid all of this I homeschool. My kids follow their own beliefs and are not expected to follow any one belief.
Make all the schools public schools and have any and all religon classes as optional, BANG!!!

i went to catholic schools

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