This is how one would turn the Canadian economy around.

1)Start planting tree's
-In the close future they can be sold to other country's that are industializing.
-Start a world wide black ops operation to burn other country's forestry, making your forests more valuable.

2)Subsidize Trade Courses at Colleges.
-It's a reality we will all have to deal with, Canada has to become much more industrialized before we can support and create big well paying University Jobs.

3)Let the government own all Corporations.
-Financial Socialism, not Communism.
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We already plant more trees on crown land than we cut in B.C. Unfortunately far too many city dwellers think that it is better to let them rot than to make money off them Unless there is a desire to make bigger cities then of course there does not appear to be a problem with paving the landscape.
Governments must stay out of business. Bureaucrats are all to incompetent to run anything that requires organization. About 20 years or so ago the Nevada government took over a *****house for taxes and tried to run it. It soon went broke. SOmething about only being open 9-5 monday to friday.
Politicians can barely run our own country let alone businesses...
1 Its hard to summon the energy to even argue against such a suggestion as the canadian tree-based foreign trade plan suggested here.

2. What are you talking about. We do subsidise courses at colleges and universities already

3. Why should we let governments own the fruits of legitimate businesses? Corporations are the next logical step for many small businesses. You give no reason for your suggestion, you make no case at all except to state that it should be so.

Please try harder next time.
Dump Free Trade.. reestablish a comprehensive system of tariffs to protect and nurture manufacturing, with the intent of full and fairly payed employment.

Dump monetarism.. make long term credit available and affordable. And lock in the Canadian Dollar at a fixed exchange rate, hopefully in conjuction with other major currencies.

Dump the GST. Re-instute a truly progressive tax system as existed in the 50s and 60s, providing an equitable distribution of wealth.

Re-nationalize the banking system as institutions of public service, providing retail services in the their capacity as private institutions, in the national interest, and under strict regulation.

Regulate foreign investment, promoting national ownership, and limiting the outflow of profit from Canadian enterprise.
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