A family of swans in Perranporth, Cornwall, are very safety-aware when it comes to crossing the road...

Pictured: Road-safe swans lead their cygnets across the road...using a zebra crossing

By Daily Mail Reporter
12th June 2008
Daily Mail

A concerned parent guiding their offspring safely across the road is an everyday sight.

But shoppers looked twice when they saw this feathered family crossing a busy high street today.

Traffic came to a standstill when the group of 10 swans waddled across the road - using a zebra crossing.

Swanning along: The cygnets are led across the zebra crossing by their parents

The cob and pen lead their brood of eight cygnets across the high street in Perranporth, Cornwall.

Onlookers watched as the animals made a 500m (1,640ft) trek from a beach back to their home at a nearby boating lake.

Undeterred, the one-month old cygnets even paused to look in the window of a fish and chip shop.

The swans take in the sights of the high street in Perranporth, Cornwall

Retired RSPCA warden Rex Harper, 71, says he knows the family of swans well and suggested they learnt road safety by watching shoppers.

He said: 'The female knows the area pretty well so they may well have seen other people going over the crossing and picked it up.

'But you can't say that swans are super intelligent because they're not. Maybe they thought it was a pelican crossing for birds.'

Safely home: The family of swans back at the boating lake where they live

Shopper Dave Quinnell was walking his dog when he took the pictures.

Dave, a builder, said: 'We went out and there they all were, strolling through the town.
'It was quite funny that they just walked across the zebra crossing.

'When I first saw them they were lined up outside the fish and chop shop looking into the window. Seeing them on the high street was really quite strange - it looked very surreal.'