How many times??

Can you watch a movie?

Two. For me. At the outside. I've seen Fargo twice, and thought it was a super movie. Tried to watch it 3x, and couldn't do past half an hour.

A certain beautiful, sexy lady, who is related to me by marriage, can watch a movie she likes over and over and over and..........well, you get it. Not on the same day mind you; but she has seen Last of the Mohicans at least four times, and would watch it again if it were on this evening.
I'm like, well, guess I'll go sign in to CC, or play some music eh. I saw it once and a half, and that was enough.

What's the attraction to over and over?

This is an important subject, second only to global warming, so I'd really appreciate some feedback.

Thanks a bunch, bunch.

(I can only watch this little prick pop up about twice and it gets boring)
Hey Nug,
Depending on the movie I can also watch them over and over again. Same goes for some T.V. shows like M*A*S*H* and Dead Like Me, I have seen all the episodes and can watch them over and over and never tire of them.
Some movies I can't even get through the first time like Spiderman!
Usuallt the movies I love to watch time and time again are really no-brainer, girly, chick flicks like While You Were Sleeping or Wedding Planner, Water, and Run Lola Run. I also really like Band of Brothers!
Hmmm. I'm with you most of the time Nugg. However, I have watched Super Troopers a few times. But never alone... it's hilarious to watch that movie with hubby.

I do 'watch' re-runs on tv though (while I crochet or study or type on CC or clean or or or....), because it's entertaining without demanding my full attention.
ya I am with ya there.... once.. maybe twice if I HAVE
When my son was about seven or eight years old, he and I watched Star Wars about eight times. I have watched it a few times since.....Mind you those were the new and improved versions......I can't remember why exactly they were new and improved....Could it be that George Lucas just wanted some more of my money?......
There are some movies I can watch several times.

Once a year, You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle. And we have two mini series,
Lonesome Dove, and Into The West, and we get them out once a year or so, and watch
them complete, over a week or so.

Some of the Harrison Ford movies I have watched quite a few times.

I love the older 'classic' westerns, and I watch them again every couple of years.
Young Frankenstein, It's a wonderful Life, Sound of Music; I've seen these scores of times and never tire of them.
I'm a bit like that, though there are a few movies that I can watch just to pick stuff out of the background. Army Of Darkness for example has a number of things set into the background of many shots that are very funny.

Then stuff like Fight Club that might take a couple of viewings to really catch on to what is going on in the film.

There are a few oldies that I'll watch anytime they come on just to feel all nostalgic and soppy but I think I'm on the same page as you Nuggler. Most stuff, I couldn't watch more than the one go through and some not even that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post

Then stuff like Fight Club that might take a couple of viewings to really catch on to what is going on in the film.

Fight Club is an awesome movie, I have probably seen it a dozen times.

Another one I have watched quite a few times is Donny Darko, it's pretty twisted.
I can always watch The Searchers or Spinal Tap..and have many,many times each
I can watch Evita about everyday... but then, it's not just a movie, it's a musical movie. And it's got Madonna, so it's a big difference compared to just any movie

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