Ontario eyes online health card renewal
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First posted: Thursday, May 25, 2017 12:07 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, May 25, 2017 03:52 PM EDT
TORONTO - Ontario is considering allowing people to renew their health cards online.
The Ministry of Health has posted a notice asking for feedback on a regulatory change that would make it possible for the government to develop a new online option for health card renewals.
For now, almost everyone who needs to renew their health card must do so in person at a Service Ontario centre.
Individuals can book an appointment ahead of time online, but still have to visit the centre, with the exception of children younger than 15-and-a-half and most seniors over 80, who can renew their cards by mail.
Proof of residency in Ontario and proof of identity are required to renew a health card.
Some residents immediately welcomed the government’s proposed change.
“That’s great,” said Kashief Butt, who’d just waited in a long line at a Service Ontario office in downtown Toronto. “If we could do it online, then we’d save so much time.”
But Alia Gomes, who’d visited the same Service Ontario, said she doesn’t think the online option is a good idea and worried it could lead to fraud.
“I just feel like with being able to do everything online, there’s a certain sense of anonymity, and people could use your name for identity theft,” she said.
Besides, she said, the line at the centre didn’t seem that long to her.
Ontarians can give feedback on the government’s proposal for online renewal until June 5.
There’s no word yet on what measures would be taken to prevent identify fraud, or when an online renewal process might become available.
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