"I'm not racist," says leader of white supremacist group accused of hate crime plot

Seems legit.

KISSIMMEE -- Eleven people have now been arrested in connection with a suspected white supremacist group that investigators said planned violence throughout Central Florida.

Authorities in Osceola County, where investigators said the alleged hate group trained, said even more people could find themselves behind behind bars.

News 13 has spoken exclusively with the leaders of the group, known as American Front, who denied the charges against them.

Investigators said the group is very dangerous, and an FBI information had been working for two years with the group as it trained with AK-47s and other rifles in a remote part of Osceola County.

According to an arrest report, the group had planned violent attacks at Orlando City Hall and during a protest in Melbourne.
But the group's leaders, Marcus and Patricia Faella, said they were not planning to be violent.


'I'm not racist,' says leader of group accused of hate crime plot
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