What do ou think- 17-20 years- Me I would say life 25 years min

What do you think- 17-20 years- Me I would say life with 25 before being able to apply for parole.
‘Go ahead, shoot me’: B.C. teen Poonam Randhawa told killer she wasn’t afraid before he pulled trigger, court hears | Canada | News | National Post

VANCOUVER — With a gun pointed at her head, Poonam Randhawa stared up at her ex-boyfriend from the back seat of his friend’s car and laid down a challenge just before he ended her life.

“I’m not scared of you. Go ahead, shoot me,” the 18-year-old told the man.

With that, Ninderjit Singh made good on his threat to do exactly that if she didn’t tell him “the truth” about her perceived infidelity.

Fourteen years after the murder, details of the Vancouver teen’s “point-blank” killing and how the man evaded police for over a decade were recounted Wednesday at Singh’s B.C. Supreme Court sentencing hearing.

The man, who was hunted and finally tracked down in California in August 2011, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder in a plea deal earlier this month.

Randhawa was killed just two days after her eighteenth birthday in a premeditated act by her former long-time boyfriend because he believed she was cheating on him, the court heard.

“He murdered her because she didn’t show the respect he believed he was entitled to, because he believed she had made a fool of him in the eyes of his friends,” said Crown lawyer Sandra Cunningham.

Court heard that on the day of the slaying, Singh asked a friend to drive him find Randhawa, who recently ended a two-year relationship with Singh.

The friend, who obtained an immunity agreement from police, recalled a loud and confrontational conversation between the pair that concluded with Singh half-standing over the teen threatening to shoot.

There was a single bang, and shattering glass.

Point - And why are Family members not charged

The judge heard that Singh’s family allegedly knew all the details of his whereabouts, and even spent $150,000 so he could obtain fake identification that allowed him to assume an alias and social security number.

“Every single member of his family claimed to have no idea where he was,” Cunningham said.

In later years, Singh’s mother flew to California and spent one month with him and his new wife who had given birth to two daughters.

“There is no evidence Ninderjit Singh is a changed person,” Cunningham said, according to the Vancouver Sun. “His family shares the same anti-social values he does.”

Police had been investigating heavily in the years after the murder but it tapered off. In 2006, they revived the file and authorized numerous undercover operators to attempt to infiltrate the family.

In summer 2011, they targeted his half-brother, who boasted that his brother was on America’s Most Wanted for killing his “fiancee.”
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This smacks of an form of honour killing and should be punished as such, there should be no
parole period. The sentence should be twenty five to life with no parole and no time for good
behaviour. This guy deserves nothing in terms of mercy or even consideration
The usual works.
I favour parole right after the execution.
As the old saying goes, this man should be shot and pi-ssed on ... not necessarly in that order.
Why would they make a plea deal when he was clearly guilty and on the run?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

I favour parole right after the execution.

Note in the story that his family helped prevent his arrest. Why are they not charged as an accessorizy after the fact?
Quote: Originally Posted by karrie View Post

Why would they make a plea deal when he was clearly guilty and on the run?

Maybe they were being sensitive to his culture.

OK, that was a little snarky. I'm damned if I can figure out a reason why they're cutting him a deal. His whole family should spend a few years as guests of Her Maj, too.
That is interesting the family helped him on the run that too is against the law
and yest they should also go to prison. There should never have been a plea
deal either
Second degree murder? Shooting someone point blank in the face after threatening to do so is first degree murder, not second.

Any family members who helped him evade law enforcement should be charged as well. These plea deals are annoying.
Miscarriage of justice.
The deal may have been CDN prison Vs trial and prison in the US.

oops wrong thread
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

The deal may have been CDN prison Vs trial and prison in the US.

He did not commit any serious offenses in the US that I am aware of.

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