Some toddlers spill milk in the kitchen or give their parents a headache by pulling the cat's tail.

Five-year-old Adrian took the family car, and was only caught when police in Utah state stopped him on the freeway.

A patrolman spotted the SUV weaving across lanes at 30mph (50km/h), and issued a traffic stop, duly obeyed by the driver.

He was shocked to discover the child behind the wheel, who said he was on his way to buy a Lamborghini.

The boy told police that he had left home after his mother refused to buy him the luxury vehicle - lower-priced models cost over $180,000 (144,000) - which sparked an argument.

"He decided he'd take the car and go to California to buy one himself," Utah Highway Patrol said on Twitter. "He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet."

Dash camera footage posted by KSL-TV shows the vehicle weaving slightly in traffic before pulling over at the police signal.


So much for Florida man....