Rex does Al......An Inconvenient Truth :-)

Anybody catch Rex Murphy on The National to night? He took on ethanol........and the Gore-y hyteria that led us to produce fuel for our cars on land that could be producing desperately needed food...........

He refered to Gore as St. Al (sarcasm alert)

Damn, that boy can trash'em! Gotta love Rex.

Anyway, the one stat I remember is this: to prepare grassland to grow corn for ethanol produces 93 times more GHGs than would be saved annually by the use of the ethanol produced..........

In other words, NOT COUNTING GHGs produced by transport of biofuels and other GHGs produced in the annual production of same..........the land would have to produce ethanol for 93 years before any gain was made.......

Meanwhile, food prices skyrocket, leaving the poorest in desperate straits.....

Damn I hate idiotic feel-good "solutions" to non-existent problems.

Al Gore is an idiot and a liar.

Bill Clinton with his zipper up and his IQ halved.
I gassed up at a Husky the other day (it was convenient and I was damn near out of fuel), but, as ethanol producers it will be one of the last times I do. I haven't used ethanol for a long time. The stats about ethanol have been staring us all in the face for two years now, and no one seemed to care to listen until all hell breaks loose. And even still I doubt most people are hearing it.

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